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The Entity, or It, is the titular main antagonist of the 2014 horror film, It Follows and its upcoming sequel They Follow. It is a supernatural being that incessantly pursues its victims at a walking pace.

The Entity was portrayed by Ruby Harris in the form of Greg's mother, and Ele Bardha in the form of Jay's father. It was also portrayed by various cast members; Ingrid Mortimer, Alexyss Spradlin, Mike Lanier, and Don Hails.


Little is known about the creature or where it came from, but it is the result of a curse that was created through unknown means. A person who possesses the curse will be stalked endlessly by the entity until it kills him or her. The curse can be passed onto someone else by having sexual intercourse with the person, but if that individual is killed, the entity will revert back to stalking the previous target of the curse. The entity will always follow the latest victim to the curse and work its way backwards through the chain of victims in consecutive order. Only those who have been affected by the curse can see the entity even after having passed the curse on to a new victim.

The Entity constantly changes its form in spite of its tightly limited audience. The process of this change has never been seen, but the Entity will have assumed a new form on virtually every occasion it is observed by at least one cursed individual after having evaded everyone's sight even if only briefly. It can look like any human being including known existing associates of the cursed. Any features can be changed including size, weight, gender, and fashion. Although it is technically inhuman, the Entity is capable of simulating any natural function of the human body including urination. A girl carrying a soccer ball walking towards a group of people including Jay Height and Jeff Redmond, both bearing the curse, is initially suspected by Jeff to be the entity until Jay's friends confirm that they can see the girl as she walks past the group.

Throughout the film, there are a number of other occasions where someone is seen walking in what happens to be in the general direction of the cursed. It is implied that the entity is following nearby but ultimately remains ambiguous. When Jay and her friends are investigating the last known residence of Hugh (the previous link in the curse chain) a couple of different people are seen sneaking towards them each on separate occasions. The entity may have appeared as a girl in a white jacket at Hugh's high school while Jay was there to inspect a yearbook to discover Jeff Redmond was Hugh's real name. Finally, a figure is seen following the last two known links in the curse chain. In this case, it is uncertain if this person is the entity, a curse has been passed on to anyone new, or even if the entity is still alive.

Although the Entity is invisible to most people, it has a solid physical form that anyone can touch. It possesses strength far beyond a regular human's; able to easily break bones and twist limbs into unnatural positions, throw an adolescent male several meters through the air, and cause part of a wooden door to explode outward by striking it. The Entity also has infinite stamina. Although it never increases its pace beyond a slow walk, it requires no sleep and never stops pursuing its target.

It is unknown how well the Entity would fare if it had to pursue its targets into locations that are difficult to access by walking or crawling alone. The film's writer David Mitchell, however, has stated that "anywhere you go, it can also go. It could get to you." He has also implied that there may be more to the Entity's powers than is known by the characters, implying that it may have a means of leveling the playing field if someone were to attempt to "cheat" the curse.

The Entity is immensely resistant to all forms of damage. When injured, it may fall inert, but will typically recover and continue pursuing the victim within several seconds. It can even recover from a gunshot wound to the head, although a second headshot seemed to kill or incapacitate it. It is unknown whether the Entity can be killed through excessive damage, as the ending leaves its ultimate fate ambiguous. According to Mitchell, however, the chances of the Entity having been killed are slim.


It Follows (2014)[]

The entity's earliest known victim was Jeff Redmond, who claimed he received the curse from a girl he met in a bar. Its curse was eventually passed onto a girl named Annie, although it is unclear if Jeff was directly responsible for her becoming a target of the entity. Annie is ultimately killed by the entity on a beach after she gives up running from it.

Sometime later, the entity resumed its pursuit of Jeff, at one point appearing as a girl in a yellow dress to him in a movie theater. To escape the creature, Jeff (under the name of Hugh) had sex with Jay Height, a girl he began dating. He then informed Jay about the curse, forcing her to look at the entity while it was in the form of a naked young woman to prove its threat was real.

Now with a new target, the entity took the form of an elderly woman and chased Jay out of her school. Although reluctant to believe in the monster, this encounter caused Jay to seek the aid of her friends Paul and Yara and her sister Kelly, who all agreed to sleep over at the same house. That night, the entity broke into the house as a topless and bloodied girl wetting herself and reappeared as a tall man with dark eyes after Jay hid in a bedroom. Now truly terrified by what she was facing, Jay evaded it by fleeing to a nearby park.

The entity possibly appeared as a girl at Jeff's high school while Jay was there, but since Jay left the area without seeing it, it is unknown if the girl was the entity. Eventually, the entity reached Jay at a beachfront property owned by Greg, Jay's neighbor who joined her friends in helping her. Assuming the form of Yara, it grabbed Jay by her hair but released her after Paul struck her with a chair. Effortlessly knocking Paul aside, it followed Jay as she ran to a boathouse for safety. Although Jay managed to shoot it, the entity continued to come after her. She then attempted to barricade herself in the boathouse, only for the entity to crawl through a hole at the bottom of the door. Panicking, Jay drove off into Greg's car and wound up crashing into a cornfield, breaking her arm in the process.

As Jay recovered in a hospital, she decided to have sex with Greg, making him the target of the entity. After three days passed without Greg seeing anything out of the ordinary, the entity caught up to him and broke into his house. Despite Jay's efforts to save him, the entity tricked Greg into opening his bedroom door and seemingly raped him to death while in the form of his mother.

Running out of options, Jay and her friends came up with a plan to destroy the entity for good. They decided to lure the creature to an indoor pool, where Jay would remain in the water. When it went into the pool to pursue her, they would electrocute it by tossing electrical objects in the water. During this time, the entity might have hunted down and killed a young man on a boat that Jay approached. Since it is unknown if Jay had sex with the man, it cannot be determined for certain if he became targeted by the entity. Regardless, the entity was still hunting Jay when she set the plan into motion as it appeared to her as a naked old man on her roof.

By the time the entity finally arrived at the pool in the form of Jay's father, it did not fall for her trap. Instead, it attempted to kill Jay by throwing the objects at her. Paul attempted to shoot it, but since the entity was only visible to those afflicted with its curse, he had great difficulty hitting it. Upon finally shooting it, the entity fell into the pool and continued to come after Jay. It managed to grab Jay by her foot and held her underwater until Paul shot it again. When Jay looked into the water to see if it was destroyed, she saw a cloud of blood and nobody.

The ultimate fate of the entity is unknown. Although seemingly defeated, a figure later appeared to be following Jay and Paul while they held hands. If still active, it is also unclear who its current target is; Paul had sex with Jay after the struggle at the pool, but he later encountered prostitutes who took an interest in him.

They Follow (TBA)[]

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The entity appears to be mindless at first, taking no course of action remotely derivative of walking at a casual pace in a straight path to whoever is next on its list and murdering them once it gets close enough to touch. However, throughout the course of the film, its actions reveal that it exhibits a sense of cruelty, a sinister demeanor, and a level of complex problem-solving which makes it far from dumb.

When Jeff introduced the concept of the entity to Jay, he claimed that the reason it would occasionally appear as someone its victim loves is probably to hurt them. Jeff claimed that it could take the appearance of anyone who "...helps to get close to you". That being said, not all of its various choices in forms would be considered an ideal disguise. The entity's forms generally have a sexual theme, seemingly tied with the current target - some forms would be partially or fully nude (particularly some of the first forms it appeared to Jay in after she had sex and was subsequently drugged, seemingly taunting her sense of being violated); and almost all forms are either dressed mainly in white clothing or have a white garment somewhere on the body. One form was a tall and conspicuous man with menacing dark circles under his eyes, and on one occasion, it took the form of a violated, topless, urinating woman while pursuing Jay within her house. When it caught up to Jay at the beach, it chose to look like Yara, someone who was already in Jay's presence, with a different attire from that which the original was wearing at the time.

It does not chase anyone who does not bear the curse, nor does it in any way preemptively interact with anyone aware of its existence seeking to obstruct its course - however, when people seeking to obstruct it get too physically close, it will act to get them out of its way; such as when it pushed Paul with superhuman strength in response to the latter trying to beat it with a folding chair, and when Jay's friends trying to stop the entity at the swimming pool had to stay out of arm's reach, with the entity outstretching an arm towards them while keeping its eyes on Jay. Aside from insisting on remaining invisible to anyone who isn't linked to the chain of its curse, the entity's actions suggest that it has little to no regard as to whether or not anyone, cursed or otherwise, can tell that it exists or even that it isn't human. It does not deliberately draw attention to itself, but the entity's selective visibility and cosmetic transformation ability appear to serve only one purpose: not to blend in but rather to taunt its victims.

It will not always walk in a straight line towards its target if practicality dictates otherwise, displaying an awareness of its environment - taking curving paths and walkways if obstacles such as trees and walls would obstruct a straight path to its target, and resorting to breaking a hole through a door when Jay locked herself inside a shed from it, and attempting to enter Greg's house by opening the front door before resorting to breaking in through the window with a brick.

It has never spoken a word or made any attempt to communicate through other means, however, it produced a demonic-sounding screech while pursuing Jay in the form of a young boy. It is almost always walking toward its target with a few exceptions where it will stand still and stare. On one occasion, Jay had noticed the entity standing on top of her roof posed as a fully nude old man. After Jay passed the curse on to Greg, when she tried to warn him while the Entity was knocking on his door, it briefly paused from knocking and glanced ominously at her, before resuming knocking - this was the only known occasion where it would look at anyone other than the current target on its list.

The Entity has no fear of confrontation as it recovers within seconds from fatal injuries (including gunshots to the head). However, it has occasionally thrown blunt objects as weapons, such as a brick to get through a house window or even some of the electrical appliances that Jay's friends had set around the pool in which they had attempted to trap it. The entity appears to be adverse to water, as it refused to purposely enter the swimming pool in pursuit of Jay, and instead, after some time standing and staring at her (as if contemplating the proper course of action), it began hurling electrical appliances surrounding the pool into the water, at first nearly electrocuting Jay, before throwing them at her head seemingly in an attempt to inflict head trauma and make her drown. Alternatively, it is possible that it actually discerned the pool trap and was thus reluctant to enter, rather than simply being repulsed by water.

Only two of its victims have been seen deceased: Annie and Greg. Annie's death is not displayed to the audience, however, her body is seen with her leg snapped backwards by the knee and left hanging up over her torso. Its attempts to kill Jay were not intended to be quick in any sense - the first time it got close enough to touch Jay, it lifted and grabbed her hair. It took the half-naked form of Greg's mother when attacking him - when he was within arm's reach, the entity stared blankly at him, before pouncing on him. Moments later, Greg was seen to be dead and pale on the floor, with the entity still in his mother's form sexually rubbing against his groin and grasping his hand, with what appeared to be sexual fluids on their joined arms.

Overall, its intentions seem to be not only to kill anyone in the chain from last to first but to fill their final moments with terror and other means of psychological torture.