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The Eraser.png

I am the Eraser, Am here to erase every single word in Reader Vally!!!
~ The Eraser's first line

The Eraser is the titular main antagonist of the Super Why episode: "Attack Of The Eraser!"

He is a super villain who decides to erase all of Reader Vally and defeat the Super Readers.


He first appeared when he tells his evil plan to erase Reader Vally and Erased the word stop and all the cars got stuck. However Alpha Pig fixed the problem and spelled the word stop and the cars were no longer stuck. The Eraser came back and found out about this and next he erased the word clock which destroyed it however Wonder Red fixed it by finding out its rhyme.

He came back again finding out what happened and decided to Erease the words Reader Vally and while he was doing it Super Why telled him to stop earseing. He ends up saying never saying its part of his comic book however Super Why took the word Reader Vally and instead put on mistakes.

The Eraser finds a lot of watermelons in a swimming pool and decides to erase the words Mellon so they can just be water in the swimming pool. He finds out his mistake saying Reader Vally is not a mistake because that's were people live however Super Why fixed the sign.

He promised to only Erase mistakes and tells the Super Readers he will meet them again before flying off.


  • He is the closet villain in Super Why to being the main antagonist and he is also the most dangerous villain due to having the power to erasing anything and this also makes him the most evil as he takes pride when destroying Reader Vally.
  • In The UK Dub He's Called The Rubber