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Who dares enter the royal palace, and disturb the royal vizier as he rests in royal chambers of the royal palace?! You! Who are you?
~ The Evil Vizier meeting Ja'far
So, just keep your mouth shut and your palm open and you may just get filthy, stinking rich! Come gentlemen, to the opium den.
~ The Evil Vizier leaving.

The Evil Vizier is the royal vizier to the Sultan of the Magic Kingdom preceding Ja'far and an antagonist of the Starkid Production of Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.


The Vizier is as corrupt as one could get. He is fully aware of the socio-economic inequality that the kingdom faces and is completely apathetic to it. He lives by his own "golden rule"; whoever has the gold makes the rules. He is incredibly hedonistic, as he enjoys the luxuries of the palace openly with his large entourage to the point where he enunciates the high status of himself and his environment every chance he gets.

He is a huge sycophant, always sucking up and praising to the Sultan every chance he gets, whether it calls for it or not.

He is incredibly flamboyant, always enunciating what he says with great fervor and drowling his words.




  • The Vizier's "Golden Rule" is an obvious jab at the "Golden Rule" Jafar from Disney's Aladdin passively mentions in the film while in disguise.



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