The Executor

The Executor, or "Christopher Clod" is the secondary antagonist in To Boldly Flee, the fourth anniversary special for


The Entity has Spoony kidnapped once he learns that he caused a disturbance to something called "The Hole." His main goal was to destroy the Critics and destroy Earth and make profits out of their culture. He was the master of Terl, an alien who wanted vengeance on The Nostalgia Critic because he accidentally destroyed his homeworld. His mission was to keep The Hole unnoticed. He later sent him General Zod due to his growing anger of his constant failures. He also tried to kill That Sci-Fi Guy when he blew his house up with a laser from his Death Bomb. And he also personally killed The Last Angry Geek by zapping him until he exploded, but not without becoming heavily scarred. Cinema Snob later goes over to the darkside due to his influence, and is dubbed Darth Snob. The Executor attempted to lure Luke Mochrie, but failed. He was eventually killed when Terl's ship flew into his the Death Bomb, sending the remains of his body through multiple parts of the room.

The Executor is a master to the dark side of a universal power known as The Plot (a spoof of The Force), giving him excess to a number of abilities. The only one of these abilities seen was the power to shoot purple lightning from his finger-tips. He also bears a striking resemblence to Star Wars antagonist Emperor Palpatine.

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