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Harvey & Shirley (aka the Federal Parcel Delivery [FPD] Bandits) are the main antagonists of the TV Christmas film, To Grandmother's House We Go. They are husband and wife and respectively played by the late Jerry Van Dyke and Rhea Perlman. They are known for asking for ransom.

Shirley and Harvey are first shown stealing Eddie Popko's delivery truck, unaware that two twin girls, Sarah and Julie Thompson, are still in the truck, and they appear nice to the girls at first, and they claim to be Santa Claus' elves. Of course, they (especially Harvey) sincerely like the girls.

Later, while Harvey, the male bandit, is playing with the girls, Shirley calls Rhonda, the girls' mother, and asks for ransom money, and tells her to go to the skating rink and wear a red hat (which is Eddie's, and which causes Eddie to remove all other red hats from anyone wearing them).

At the fair, when the Bandits refuse to take the girls to their Great-Grandma Mimi's house, they threaten to tell Santa on them, so Harvey (who was accompanying them) finally reveals that he and Shirley are not elves.

Later, while Rhonda and Eddie (being mistaken for FPD Bandits for asking for money from others so that they can pay the ransom) are arrested, they point out that Shirley and Harvey are the culprits, and the girls point out they aren't Santa's elves, and they later are arrested.