The Faction is an evil group of villains that seeks both revenge on Azmuth and the destruction of Ben 10 (Ben Tennyson) and were the main antagonists of the first two second arcs of Ben 10: Omniverse.


The Faction was created by Malware and Dr. Psychobos sometime after the events of Trouble Helix.

After Malware obtained a crude, corrupted and incomplete blueprint of the Prototype Omnitrix, Dr. Psychobos created an device called Nemetrix. The device was only needing a critical component, predator DNA. So, Dr. Psychobos hired Khyber - so called "The Greatest Huntsman in the Galaxy" - who obtained DNA of the most dangerous predators in the galaxy.

After acquiring the DNA, the Faction captured and used Phil as a test subject. The test was proven a failure after Phil - a high functional being - entered in a catatonic-like state, for not being able to control the feral nature of the Nemetrix.

The faction had broken up and disbanded when Khyber decided to ditch Dr. Psychobos and abandon his dog. Dr. Psychobos was shortly thereafter arrested by Galvan forces, while Khyber's dog was taken into custody and later adopted by Kevin. Malware, the last faction member standing, destroyed Galvan B, but met his end at the hands of Ben Tennyson.



Affiliated Members


  • Only two have hatred for Azmuth, Khyber wants Ben 10 as his personal trophy of the great hunt.


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