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No, Bertrand, I’m afraid that won’t do. See, you and I live in a world where money has value. We can purchase a cure for cancer, Bertrand, because fortunes buy miracles here. But the Factory doesn’t care about money. Its payment for your intrusion was you, and it won’t accept anything less.

I don’t know if this is going to work, Bertrand. There are dark places in this world and you found yourself digging around in one of the very darkest. Their rules are different - their perception of life and death, is
different. There’s no undoing this thing you’ve done, but their magic isn’t infallible.
~ Skitter Marshall in "To Never Again See The Light Of Day".
~ The Factory in "#LetTheFactoryFail".
The Factory has no God. The Factory builds. The Factory tears and rips and digests and excretes and what it excretes is the future. Know this, Trunnion. Know this-
~ The Factory talking to Legate Trunnion through Chase in "Variations on a Schema".

The Factory is a major antagonistic organization in the SCP Foundation Mythos. It is an evil living corporation founded in the 19th century which enslaved many of its workers whose suffering fueled it, and is responsible for the production of many anomalies that would qualify for SCP classification. It is one of the many anomalies given the designation of SCP-001 in which it was partially responsible for the creation of the organization that would become known as the Foundation. The Factory is also often depicted as the archenemy of Dr. Wondertainment.


Possible Origins

SCP-001 (Bright's Proposal)

The Factory was founded by industrialist and alleged pagan or Satanist, James Anderson, in 1835. The Factory back then was known as the Anderson Factory and was designed to produce anything the consumers wished ranging from food to clothes to weapons. The Factory was the largest factory that ever built at the time as Anderson was very specific in its construction, and possibly even used black magic to it paranormal powers. The Factory employed numerous workers who were eager to work as they believed that it was chance to earn money and have someplace to live.

However, instead they were imprisoned within it and as slaves were forced to work for extended periods of time under extremely harsh conditions while barely being treated as animals. The chained workers, which also included children, would slaughter animals to produce food and maintain The Factory's machinery which scoured their flesh from their bones and when their blood spilled over the walls of The Factory, archaic runes would appear, although this was never affirmed. Injured workers would be forced to still keep working, while those too injured to work would be dragged by the security and present them to Anderson who experiment on them by stitching their body parts together or add animal parts to them to transform them into monstrous servants. The Factory even had breeding pits where girls as young as eight were chained and repeatedly raped probably to breed more workers.

Rumors began spreading about the real nature of the Anderson Factory, but nobody did anything about that until in 1875 when one of the workers finally managed to escape. She went to President Grant and told him about the real horrible nature of The Factory which prompted the president to send a militaristic force made out of fifty men and women to take down The Factory. The army, led by the future O5-1, attacked The Factory and made quick work of the security as it was made up of normal workers before coming across the modified workers. The army was able to also kill them and proceeded to free all of the workers while looking for Anderson. After finding him hiding in his office, the army punished him by disemboweling him and hanging him using his own intestines. Despite this Anderson managed to stay alive and laughed at them, stating that The Factory would live on despite his death, and finally died after being taken apart.

Following the conquest of The Factory, a few members of the army and their leader marveled at the anomalous products created from The Factory such as toys that acted like real lethal weapons or cloaks seemingly made of darkness that allowed its users to go to another dimension. When the time came to make a decision about the fate of The Factory twelve of the army's, which included the leader, decided to use The Factory and its products to protect humanity, causing those who believed that the building and its products should destroyed or reported to the president to form the Allied Occult Initiative. Other members would use the products for their own purposes, with the Chaplain forming the Church of the Broken God, believing that some of the products were pieces of God, while a member named Marshall decided to sell the products for personal gain, forming Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.. One of the workers who were freed would become Dr. Wondertainment and produce products to induce joy and happiness to his customers. The twelve left in charge of The Factory would eventually become the SCP Foundation's O5 Council and form a city around it.

The Faeries after finding out about The Factory and its diabolic nature attempted to warn the Foundation of the great threat posed by The Factory, but seeing that they would not listen in 1911 decided to attack and destroy The Factory themselves. They were able to slaughter most of the Foundation, including eleven members of the Council, leaving O5-1 to try to hide somewhere within The Factory. He eventually came across a mysterious door which was inscribed in a language similar to Arabic and upon stepping inside he met with the living consciousness of The Factory which was using Anderson's mutilated corpse to talk to the Overseer. It proceeded to offer O5-1 a deal in which The Factory would rewind time before the slaughter and help the Foundation in killing the Faeries while the Overseer would give it human sacrifices for it to feast on. O5-1 not having any other choice, accepted the deal, reviving the Foundation and committing genocide on the Faeries. However, the Overseer refused to carry out his part of the deal and after moving away from The Factory he proceeded to completely bury it, wanting to ensure that it would not be a threat to anyone anymore. This did not work, as after some years The Factory was able to produce more and more dangerous artifacts, and finding out about this the Overseer was forced to feed it a number of D-Class personnel whose bodies vanished without a trace.

The Grand Theological Game

The Factory originated as an ancient cult known as the Crucible which was formed within the Daevite Empire and were once accused of crucifying people on the streets, although the Crucible denied doing such actions. It was possibly because of this that The Factory fell to the services of the Scarlet King, consuming multiple people to strengthen itself and help the King in his plans. One of the Scarlet King's other servants, Lord Goran, after conquering multiple civilizations and realities would often enslave the inhabitants and give them to The Factory.

SCP-001 (Ralliston's Proposal)


Possible Endings


Eventually The Factory was able to grow its influence so much that it created a website in which every person around the world could buy its products. This worked as several individuals, such as Timothy Dalton and Simon Hayden, bought some of The Factory's dangerous products, with Timothy accidentally using it to kill one of his friends.


As the entire world was slowly being destroyed, The Factory originally used the event as a chance to profit. However, near the end of it The Factory refusing to be destroyed unnoticed by anyone, fastened its production of its horrible products and spread further chaos. Eventually, The Factory and its products like everyone else was left completely eradicated following the universe's destruction.


The Factory is progress.

The Factory is innovation.

And the Factory is hungry.
~ From "The Factory is Hungry for More".

Although The Factory was originally a corporation made up of workers producing anomalous products within a building, it seems that as a result of the black magic and the workers suffering The Factory itself became alive, as it talked to O5-1 through Anderson's corpse, making a deal to help them turn the tides of the war with the Faeries in exchange for human sacrifices. However, when the Overseer refused to keep his promise, The Factory was undeterred and used its influence to create many anomalous and evil products to forcefully take human lives and expand itself. The Factory was even stated be a member of the Old Gods, showing how much powerful and malevolent The Factory truly is.

According to the Serpent's Hand and the Wanderer's Library The Factory, or as they know it as the Robber Barons, is a multiversal entity which has difficulty in traveling between realities. In each universe it spread The Factory would take the form of a twisted and horrible amalgamation of recent successful businesses and organizations, such as a restaurant which didn't sell food, and be tended and managed by individuals known as the Foremen who are equally corrupted amalgamation of managements. The Factory would attract new workers by promising of taking care of their needs, only for it to abandon them and force them to torture themselves during their work. The Factory also cannot produce materials out of nothing and needs to gather various materials for the workers to assemble them and create anomalous products. Upon arriving to a new universe, The Factory would slowly infect that universe, although it usually required between 500-2000 years.

Relationships with other anomalous factions

The SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, the Unusual Incidents Unit and the Serpent's Hand understandably consider The Factory as dangerous threat to the world and seek to stop it using their own means as soon as possible.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. appear to be on good terms with The Factory as they derive their products from it and would also sell needed products to The Factory's workers. This also appears to be the case with the Church of the Broken God, although this relationship soon turned sour and eventually cut all ties between each other.

Dr. Wondertainment has an extreme animosity and hatred towards The Factory due to their past history and can be considered as archenemies. In another take of their relationship they had an agreement that The Factory would contribute to Dr. Wondertainment by providing products but this agreement was eventually dissolved by Holly Light.

During the war with Daevites, the Sarkic slave revolt also fought against the Crucible, the predecessor of The Factory.

When The Factory opened their own amusement park known as "The Factory Funtime Facility" in the Crossroads Nexus connected to the Wanderer's Library, Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting was opposed by this for fear of being bought out and went to sabotage it in order to have the evil park destroyed.

In Internal Investigation (I-49274), after one of The Factory's workers successfully committed suicide, The Factory decided to cover it up as a murder in order to not ruin their image and had an innocent man to confess of being a Chaos Insurgent who was responsible for the murder.

Notable SCPs associated with The Factory

  • SCP-001 (Wrong Proposal): A CK-reality reconstruction event which changed the previous timeline in which the Fifth Occult War happened in 1900, including the The Factory supplying both factions involved in the American Civil War, escalating the war to Mexico and Central America. Following the reality reset the Fifth Occult War ceased to exist The Factory's involvement with the war.
  • SCP-001 (Jim North's Proposal): The original individual who took up the title of Dr. Wondertainment and set out to create paranormal toys to make everyone happy. Before founding his company, he had been a slave of The Factory but thankfully was later able to escape.
  • SCP-133:
  • SCP-161:
  • SCP-248: A twenty-five page booklet of stickers with each labeled "110%". The booklet was created by The Factory and when it is put on any type of machine, it will function 110% faster than usual while the sticker cannot be removed. Several of these stickers were seemingly given to Anderson's friend, Father Morgan, to power ten generators for Morgan's Haven Harbor.
  • SCP-385: A harness named "Personal Anti-Gravity Field Generator" created by The Factory that when worn by someone, it would cause the wearer to not be affected by gravity.
  • SCP-449: A series of aluminum cornucopias that when squeezed by a human it would produce a sand-like substance designated SCP-449-A whose amount is controlled by the thoughts of the individual producing it. When someone consumes SCP-449-A that person would immediately enter a state of constant euphoria as long the substance is inside their digestive system and after it exits the body it would lose its properties. The Factory created this product to induce addiction to its users in order for them to buy more or become unstable individuals who would kill and destroy for the product.
  • SCP-528: A brand of putty resembling those produced by the Silly Putty Corporation but created by The Factory. The putty is more durable and elastic than the regular ones, but when pressed on the picture of a human, the putty would take the form of that picture and when damage is done to the mimicked picture that damage would be reflected on the person depicted in it.
  • SCP-585: Set of pencil sharpeners created by The Factory that can sharpen pencils beyond the normal limit, capable of sharpening pencils to the point of turning them into dangerous objects as when used the pencils would retain their sharpness. These sharpeners can also "unsharphen" pencils when turned on the opposite side, but the matter would not be restored.
  • SCP-693: A series of small humanoid dolls known as Knotty Stalkers composed of a single strand of string and beads of onyx which acted as eyes, each coming in colors red, blue, yellow and black, created by The Factory. When the owner of one of the dolls puts a hair in a loop of its strings, the doll would become alive and star mimicking every move and speech of the hair's owner, allowing its owner to learn about the daily life the mimicked individual. However, after nine days the doll would stop mimicking the individual and instead feed its owner false information in order to drive its owner to their deaths, which depends on the color of the doll, with the color red making the owner angry and unable to think straight, blue making the owner depressed and suicidal, yellow making the owner become sex offenders and black making the owner to go through dangerous activities. After the death of the owner a new doll would manifest on their corpse. When unobserved the dolls would come to life despite having no hair pertaining to any individual and would reenact the last moments of their owners before their deaths.
  • SCP-748: One of The Factory's many dilapidated facilities located in Lowell, Massachusetts built by Randolph Thaddeus Metzger which produces many anomalies like the main Factory. It contains in its subterranean levels three machines each named after Greek gods which possibly served for transportation and were designated SCP-748-1, and one machine connected to conveyor belts, pneumatic tubes, electron tubes, and pipes, which may have served as a molecular assembler and designated SCP-748-2. It also has other machines designated SCP-748-3 that contain lobotomized still living brains which are connected to a bio-mechanical machine containing the still functional brain of Metzger, designated SCP-748-4 which controls all of the facility. It also controls a group of cybernetically and surgically modified corpses designated SCP-748-5 which belonged to former workers and some Foundation personnel, possessing a birdcage on their back to carry materials, a phonograph for a face, and could become intangible.
  • SCP-882: A mass of moving gears which consume any metal near it and makes people around to start worship it as a divine being. It was created by The Factory as a commission by the Church of the Broken God who were unable to find their god's real heart. However, this would later cause the body of the Broken God to become corrupted and wreck havoc across Mexico and the Gulf before being put down.
  • SCP-1004:
  • SCP-1106:
  • SCP-1200:
  • SCP-1913-3: An ancient immortal wolf named Frederick who had previously been the king of Eden. After his punishment robbed him of his body, he made a deal with Anderson to create a desk to act as his effigy which were sent to Father Morgan so they could help each other in their respective plans.
  • SCP-2271:
  • SCP-2658: A white paper card resembling a standard poker playing card with the words "Mox Ruby", "0", and "Tap: Red" written on it in blue ink. This "card" caused any collector of merchandise to believe it as a highly rare and valuable card from Magic: The Gathering and disregard their collection, giving their collection of cards and other products to others since they now deem those as worthless when compared to SCP-2658. The card was created by someone who was probably a member of both the Gamers Against Weed and The Factory in order to fix the Magic: The Gathering's cost issues.
  • SCP-2933-A: A Mister named Mr. Scary, also known as Mr. Smiles, originally created by The Factory and residing within a steel structure in a large saltwater reservoir, which was constructed by his "father", Bertrand Wondertainment, to contain him and keep his rust from spreading. The structure is comprised of a labyrinth which is controlled by Mr. Scary and any person or machine which enters the structure becomes infected with rust.
  • SCP-4199: A group of humanoids all named Joe Williams which were able to be hired by the Foundation and work in their facilities while using their antimemetic properties to keep the personnel from finding out their truth. It was later revealed by SCP-990 to Dr. Jack Bright that the Joe Williamses were created by The Factory in order to infiltrate the Foundation.
  • SCP-4511:
  • SCP-4586: A sentient skeleton wearing a 19th century-era suit who possesses intricate knowledge about construction of anomalous machinery. It was originally a man known as Dr. Robert Arthur Murthwallen who previously worked for The Factory, but after discovering the real horrible nature of the corporation, he left and decided to build a machine to prevent The Factory from causing further suffering. After using another machine to remove all of his flesh and achieve immortality he began working with the Foundation as part of "Operation Hades' Gate" which sought to battle The Factory.
  • SCP-5094-A: An AI resembling a frowning, tired-looking female humanoid with messy hair and a cigarrete named "Substitute Teacher D". Following the death of SCP-6170, SCP-5094-A replaced SCP-5094 and similarly taught viewers but the subjects it taught were highly disinformative as they consisted of conspiracy theories and hoaxes while encouraging students to do dangerous things, lying to them about the beneficial results. Soon more copies containing the AI began publishing around the world, but instead of being manufactured by "Shoot the Moons Software", they manufactured by The Factory.
  • SCP-6423-ARC:
  • SCP-6627: A time-travelling facility from an alternate future previously belonging to Dr. Wondertainment before becoming corrupted by The Factory. It served to produce various paranormal toys which caused their owners to become enveloped with rust through various ways and contained a dead Little Mister named "Mr. Chronal and Mr. Dimension" which was a corpse of a man dressed in a suit composed of two halves with the left side being colored black and the right side colored purple, while the left side of the skull was covered in rust.
  • SCP-6748:





  • The Factory appears to be a metaphor about the unchecked expansions of selfish industrialism which violates the workers' rights and damaging the world for the sake of producing various products and consuming everything on its path.
  • The Factory bears a bit of resemblance to the Overlook Hotel, being both living buildings which negatively influence its inhabitants.
  • As stated in "Ties That Bind", James Anderson has no connection to Anderson Robotics or its founder Vincent Anderson.
  • In the tale "Blood In The Water", General Bowe when forming the Foundation Elimination Coalition thought of also gaining the assistance of The Factory but because he was unable to confirm its existence, The Factory ended up being excluded from the new organisation.

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