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The Family is an antagonistic group in Resident Evil 6. It was originally a centuries-old secret fraternity which eventually evolved into a mythical shadow government which operates in the modern world. They are secretly involved in key political, financial, military and economic affairs around the world.

The Family is an enormous organization of considerable influence, globally. Their overall goal is to ensure global stability and human progress under their guided supervision.

During the 21st century, under the leadership of Derek C. Simmons, they Family had become involved in acts of bioterrorism. They had even been the core cause of the global incidences of C-Virus outbreaks in 2012 and 2013.


The Family was founded by the Simmons family centuries prior to the 21st century.While described as having manipulated the world's affairs since ancient times, its founding was at least before the American Revolutionary War.

Adam Benford, a close friend of The Family's then head, Derek Clifford Simmons, was aware of the connection between the US federal government and Umbrella's bioweapons program and, therefore, the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Believing that the US should start to accept responsibility for its more-controversial actions, Benford made plans to reveal their involvement to the world in June 2013 at Tall Oaks' Ivy University.

A deeply-conservative mind, Simmons was terrified by the potential implications this might have. The Family had long sought to create order in the world, choosing to build up the United States' power and influence over the centuries. Were the US-Umbrella link to be revealed, it was feared that balance would collapse entirely.

In order to prevent this, Simmons made long preparations to remove key enemies from the picture and maintain US-superiority. As part of the plan, The Family would make significant research into bio-weaponry of their own, which they would use to assassinate Benford before he could make the speech. In December 2012, the completed C-Virus was tested in the Edonia Republic, where the Edonian Liberation Army's soldiers infected themselves, turning into J'avo. Alongside the President's death in June was a bioterror attack in Lanshiang, China.

Eventually, elements of The Family turned against him. Carla Radames - a doppelganger of Ada Wong - chose to destroy the world rather than stabilize it, engineering the Haos project, and began engineering a way of punishing Derek through C-Virus infection. Carla was shot by an unidentified member of The Family wearing a business suit on a helicopter; they had considered Derek no longer fit to rule their organization due to a combination of his dying rationality and his uncontrollable-infatuation with Ada Wong.

Since the Lanshiang Incident, The Family has begun to clean up their mess by assassinating key investigators to their activities and establishing new politicians who can easily be manipulated. The family has also eschewed bio-weaponry, since these are uncontrollable and do not guarantee global stability.


  • The organization called The Family, is the name of the Manson Family, a real-life, deranged fanatical cult based around the notorious criminal Charles Manson.


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