Do you believe in magic, children? Do you seek a cure for your illness? The Worm demands sacrifice! Only then will you be cured! You must spill blood in the name of the worm! Only then will you be free!
~ The Fanatic in one of his sermons.

The Fanatic is a minor antagonist in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, appearing in Chapter 19 of the game.


The Fanatic is the founder of a cult in the town Salvation dedicated to worship a being called "The Worm" purported to be able to cure the Creeper virus. Though not buying into it himself, the Fanatic spread the belief anyway in order to give people hope so they wouldn't die in despair.

When the 12th Battalion arrive in the village, the Fanatic orders his followers to attack them and sacrifice them to the Worm. During the course of the battle, the Fanatic reveals to Will his true intentions behind founding his cult, claiming that the people of Salvation would have perished if not for the hope he had given them.

The Fanatic died in the ensuing battle, crying out "Nooooooooooo!!!" as his last words.


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