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I"ll spare you the pleasure!
~ Father's last words before shooting himself in the head.

The Father is a major antagonist and the final boss of Hotline Miami, and a posthumous character in Hotline Miami 2.


"The Father" is the second boss of Russian Mafia, succeeding "The Grandfather".

Father is first encountered in Chapter 15, Jacket storms into the Father's mansion, fight his way through the mobsters to the boss office. After killing two panthers and his bodyguard, Father fire his MP5s to Jacket, who managed to disarmed him with the bodyguard's knives, Father denied his pleasure of killing him before shot himself in the head.

After killing the Father, the phone on the desk rings and Jacket answers it, an resident upstairs complains about the racket happened, Jacket says nothing before the caller hung up, Jacket takes the elevator and entered the luxury bedroom, a old man in wheelchair speaks to him, he was revealed to be the Grandfather, the original mafia boss. He is shown remorseful to his actions and let Jacket to kill him.

The Father returns in Hotline Miami 2 as a hallucination to his son, Son explains that he's here because he wants to make Father proud. The Father replies that that doesn't really matter, commenting that the Son is just like him, and will end up the same way.

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