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Forever angry, mostly at himself. A torture that never ends.
~ The ghost of Brennen's friend "Tom" talking to Will.
~ Brennen reconciling with Anne.

Brennen Alexander, otherwise known as The Fireman is the main antagonist in Part One (The Apartment) of the psychological horror game Immure, created by Wither Studios. He is the first major enemy encountered by the main protagonist of the game, William Wicker.


As a wraith, Brennen stands at an enlarged height, about twice the size of an average human being. Brennen wears a traditional firemans uniform, helmet, oxygen tank, and gas mask. His uniform appears to be covered in blood and organs and his oxygen tank looks fused to his back. Brennen is always seen carrying a huge fire axe, which he uses to kill and mutilate his victims. Brennen's skin is gray and his eyes glow yellow, red when hostile. Brennen's is also generally seen exhaling smog as he breathes.


Brennen's personality can be seen through his actions, clues and flashbacks seen throughout the Apartment. Originally, Brennen appeared to once be a heroic fireman and good friend. Unfortunately, the guilt from failing to save Anne-Marie as well as Tom, caused Brennen to wither away to nothing but a drunken waste of a man. He blamed himself for their deaths and eventually resorted to committing suicide with a shard of glass, believing he did not deserve forgiveness or to live.

As a wraith, Brennen is a vicious monster who aimlessly walks the halls of the Apartment. He kills and mutilates everyone he sees, except for the ghost of Anne. When Brennen sees Will, he relentlessly chases him until he either kills Will or if Will manages to escape.


Early Life

Brennen Alexander along with his partner Thomas M. Davidson were firemen during their time and the best of friends. This was the case until during the date of July 6th, 1992, when a fire broke out a small residence located in Carnegie. Brennen along with Tom, ran into the building after the mother of a young girl named Anne-Marie McCoy, reported that her daughter was still trapped inside. Unfortunately, only Brennen was able to make it back out of the building. Anne had burned to death trying to save her stuffed animal. The fire also took the life of Brennen's friend Tom.

Though he survived, Brennen was left completely guilt ridden, blaming himself for Anne and Tom's deaths. At some point later, Brennen met some unknown being who claimed that he could help him and that all Brennen needed to do was to give in. Convinced, Brennen wrote a suicide note and by using a shard of glass from a picture frame he smashed, Brennen slashed his own throat, killing himself.

After his death, Brennen became a vengeful creature known as a wraith who proceeded to slaughter everyone in the Apartment.


Brennen can be first seen during a flashback in the main lobby of the Apartment, where an apparition of him is shown sneaking up on the desk manager and slicing him in half.

Later, Brennen's heavy footsteps are heard from the level above the hallway on floor A, which makes Will nervous. An example of Brennen's work as a wraith can be seen in the bathroom of Apt A1, with a mutilated corpse. In the hallway on floor B, a large, bloody fire axe is seen in the floor. As will continues down the hall, past the axe, Brennen will come bursting out of a wall and will chase Will. Be advised that Brennen will begin patrolling the Apartment after this event and will attack Will on sight. As Will continues to explore the apartment he learns more of Brennen's story from clues, visions, and the ghosts of Anne-Marie and Thomas M. Davidson, both of whom have different feelings toward Brennen.

Anne forgave Brennen for what happened and wanted to reconcile with him, while Tom had given up on Brennen and wanted to put him out of his misery.

At some point, Will discovers Brennen's dead corporeal body and the glass shard he used to commit suicide. Will can then choose one of two options, either to save Brennen or destroy him.


If Will chooses to save Brennen he must first collect a series of drawings made by Anne-Marie that give a basic idea of what happened during the incident. Will then must give the drawings to Anne. Once this is done, Anne will give Will instructions on what to do. Will must ring the bell in the lobby and not when Brennen is around. After this is done, Brennen will arrive and will attempt to kill Will. Before this happens however, Anne will appear and reconcile with Brennen, sharing a hug with him. Anne will then drop a picture of two best friends which Will can use to leave the Apartment. Afterwards, Anne's corpse can be seen stuck on a wall.


If Will chooses to destroy Brennen, he must first acquire the glass shard Brennen used to commit suicide. Once Will has this item, he is now able destroy Brennen with it. Will can either search for Brennen or lure Brennen to him with the use of a radio, another item found in the Apartment. Will then has to stun Brennen and when this is done, Will can then attack Brennen with the Glass Shard thus destroying him. Once Brennen is destroyed, the Glass Shard becomes the Bloody Glass Shard which Will can use to leave the Apartment. Afterwards, Brennen's corpse can be seen stuck on a wall along with his axe.

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