I let myself believe we were making things better. But we're not.
~ The Flash realizing his mistake of joining the Regime.
All day I've been reminded how I failed to be a hero.
~ The Flash

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen, also known as The Flash, is a twisted alternate version of the heroic main-universe Flash and the deuteragonist of the Injustice series.

He is the anti-heroic deuteragonist of Injustice: Gods Among Us and one of the main characters of Injustice 2. He relies entirely upon his speed, literally running circles around slower opponents.

He was voiced by Neal McDonough in Injustice: Gods Among Us, who also voiced Damian Wayne in the first game, Deadshot in Batman: Assault on Arkham, and also played, Jay Hamilton in Walking Tall, Jon Forster in 88 Minutes, M. Bison in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li, Jack Horton in Red 2, Vincent Sofel in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, and Damien Darhk in the Arrowverse.

In Injustice 2, he was voiced by Taliesin Jaffe, who also voiced Azwel in the Soulcalibur series.



In the past, Barry Allen was a child when a time-traveling speedster went back in time and killed his mother in front of him. Barry's father was charged with the murder and taken to jail. Barry grew up, and while working for the Central City Police Department, he was struck by lightning, giving him a connection to the Speed Force, making him the fastest man alive. Inspired by a previous speedster from the mid-1900s named Jay Garrick, the original Flash, Barry made himself a super suit and became his successor, the second Flash.

Later, Barry joined a new superhero team called the Justice League and helped protect the world for years, he also faced a partner: his future traveler grandson Bart Allen, who was given the codename Kid Flash and was in a relationship with a local Central City reporter named Iris West.

Year One

Flash and the rest of the Justice League were called in to scour Metropolis to try and find Lois Lane, having been kidnapped by the clown. Though the Flash looked everywhere in Metropolis, Superman found Joker first and fell right into his trap, being tricked into killing his own wife and detonating a bomb that destroyed Metropolis. The Flash quickly tried to rescue as many survivors from the blast as he could.

Superman, overcome with grief, broke into the detention center the Joker was being held and murdered him in front of Batman, altering history forever, Barry visited his girlfriend Iris West in Central City. The two talked about the incident, and Barry made a promise to Iris that, if Superman went too far in his vengeance, that the Flash would stand up to him.

The US government tried to gain control of the situation with Superman and hired the Flash's enemy Mirror Master to abduct Superman's parents for leverage. This move backfired, however, as it rallied the other members of the Justice League to Superman's cause as they interrogated the other members of the Flash's Rogues for information. The League eventually found the Kents and began a new mission to de-militarize nations and forcibly end conflicts across the world.

Even after being ex-communicated from the League for his refusal to join them, Batman re-hacked into the Justice League communicators and reached out to the Flash, who had just witnessed Superman and Wonder Woman cripple a young freedom fighter named Galaxor in Australia. Batman tried to convince the speedster he was working for the wrong side. Batman's words got to Barry, who realized his guilt from the situation, and instead chose to run away from the feeling instead of confronting it.

Clark and Barry, in their downtime, used their superspeed to play each other in multiple games of chess while discussing their philosophies on the effects of their exertion of power. Though Superman attempted to defend his authoritarian actions, the Flash began to win more games in quick succession, deconstructing Clark's arguments as a slippery slope.

A month after the destruction of Metropolis, when Kalibak invaded Earth with the forces of Apokolips, Superman went to the Flash, both moving faster than the speed of light to discuss the possibility of murdering the invading parademons to save the world. Though Barry disapproved of the action, he knew Clark had already made up his mind and refused to give him the validation he desired. Superman, as expected, flew around the Earth and murdered all the invading forces, saving the day at a high cost.

Tensions continued to mount as Superman formed his own Regime and Batman formed an Insurgency in response. The first year of Superman's rule ended with the man of steel murdering Green Arrow for infiltrating the Fortress of Solitude, a death the rocked the superhero community on both sides.

At some point, Iris and Barry broke up over his involvement with the growing Regime.

Year Two

The Flash and Hal Jordan were assigned by Superman to threaten the US Congress after the politicians had suggested shutting down. The superheroes stood on the floor of Congress and told the elected officials to do the jobs they were expected to before being greeted by Guy Gardner and Ganthet, disappointed in the totalitarian direction Earth had taken.

Superman shooed Ganthet away from the planet, instead choosing to side with the villain Sinestro. The Flash urged Superman that Sinestro was dangerous, but Sinestro handed over his power ring to prove allegiance to the Regime.

Seven months later, on the day of the Green Lantern Corps' main assault to end Superman's regime, the Flash was defeated by a clever operation performed by the Insurgency at the Hall of Justice. Flash was taken captive and, because he was not seen as a lost cause like some of the other heroes, was handed over to Harley Quinn for forced psychiatry, as a way to undo his "brainwashing".

Year Three

Flash was held in Insurgency captivity within the Tower of Fate. Eventually, when the Regime came to rescue the captives, the Insurgents moved Barry and the other captives to their new base in the House of Mystery.

The Insurgency debated holding onto the prisoners, some seeing them as a liability, but the Regime continued to hunt for their team members back. Though Hal Jordan almost successfully rescued the Flash, the fight was ended when the dimension of Hell began to interfere with the hero's dimension, cutting off Hal's connection to his power ring. The Flash, wanting to save everyone he could before the dimensions collided, asked to be freed to bring everyone inside the House of Mystery. Doctor Fate and Constantine agreed, and Barry hurriedly brought the heroes inside either the House of Secrets or the House of Mystery for protection except those that died and Swamp Thing.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Insurgents and the Regime, Shazam and Doctor Fate managed to banish Trigon and Mxyzptlk into the void, saving the day. In the aftermath, Superman and his Regime regrouped at the Hall of Justice, and he thanked them for standing by him.

Year Four

Flash sprung into action when Superman was challenged by Renee Montoya at the Washington Monument. However, he arrived too late, and Montoya succumbed to overdosing on super pills. Afterwards, the Flash and Cyborg tried to talk to Robin about the incident, the boy having been used as bait by Montoya, but Damian refused their friendship, seeing them both as broken as he was.

Afterwards, the Flash watched as the Insurgency, having teamed up with the Gods of Olympus and the Amazons of Paradise Island, tricked Wonder Woman into evoking one-on-one combat between herself and Superman. When this combat failed due to interference from Sinestro, the Flash participated in the war against the Amazons, knocking out Harley Quinn. The Flash was caught by Hermes and almost executed but was saved just in time by Superman. The gods relented and gave Superman 24 hours to regroup.

However, before departing, the gods demanded Wonder Woman join their side on Zeus' orders. Refusing to give up their teammate, the Flash struck back the gods, initiating another conflict. The fighting escalated to the point that Zeus came down from Olympus and threatened to kill Billy Batson if Superman didn't disband his Regime. Superman complied for the sake of Billy's life and told his team members to go back to their original cities until further notice.

Days later, with the Regime seemingly disbanded, Batman attended a tribute dinner on Themyscira until Poseidon, having allied himself with Superman, prepared to drown the city with a tidal wave. The Flash arrived to help get the Amazonians to safety.

Afterwards, Flash reconvened with members of the Regime in Atlantis to formulate their plan  before returning to Themyscira to depose the old gods. Cyborg detected that the United Nations had launched nukes on their location in an effort to end the conflict, but Wonder Woman and Superman successfully negated them in time. Highfather arrived, thanks to a conversation with Batman, and deescalated the conflict with the old gods peacefully.

Later, at the end of the year, the Flash helped stop a group of protestors after they blew up a statue of Superman. One of the demonstrators turned out to be Luke McDunnagh, the son of Plastic Man. Once Luke was thrown into the Regime's maximum security prison at the bottom of a trench, Plastic Man contacted the Regime to get his son back. Negotiations fell through, and O'Brien decided he needed to break his son out of prison instead. Plastic Man used his powers to secretly incapacitate the Flash and impersonated the speedster for information about the prison. By the time the Flash had reawakened, Plastic Man had freed all the prisoners.

Year Five

Flash had his hands full picking up the pieces of Plastic Man's massive prison break. The Flash ran around the world trying to recapture the villains that had escaped. Though he and Superman successfully caught a few, Barry was incapacitated when Doomsday returned to Earth and shattered the Flash's leg.

Barry used his super-healing to recover and, after the fight, began working on the new super-prison for the Regime with Lex Luthor. Flash expressed his displeasure to Superman about the Kryptonian's decision to start working with escaped prisoners.

Later, when Lex Luthor pitted Bizarro against his mind-controlled Doomsday, Superman intervened, wanting to save Bizarro for questioning. Luthor, secretly wanting to stop Superman, turned Doomsday on the man of steel, and the Flash, watching on a computer screen, went to their location and saved Superman from an imminent death.

Barry attended the funeral of his enemies Heat Wave and Weather Wizard after the Rogues were killed by Bizarro. The Flash wished his condolences to the remaining Rogues and, even though he was supposed to apprehend them for the Regime, agreed to have beer with them instead before leaving.

After Alfred Pennyworth was killed by Victor Zsasz on orders from Superman, Batman met Superman at Zsasz's location and beat the dictator into submission. The Flash arrived on the scene to break up the fighting, but as more Regime heroes arrived, the fighting once again escalated. The Flash sarcastically abstained from the fighting, causing Damian to ask which side Barry was even on. Batman was eventually subdued by other members of the Regime until, at the last second, he was rescued by the Flash. Batman told Flash that Superman would never forgive the speedster for betraying him like that, but Barry said it was necessary, because Alfred deserved a proper funeral with Bruce in attendance.

After his rescue, Batman asked the Flash to use the Speed Force to go back in time and stop the Joker's attack on Metropolis from ever happening. The Flash said he would consider it.

Back at the Hall of Justice, Superman, so furious that the Flash had abetted Batman's escape, got in a fist fight with the speedster. Superman demanded that the Flash decide whether he's an ally or an enemy of the Regime before Barry ran away.

Barry ran to Central City where he tried to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend Iris West, but she refused to talk to him due to his association with the Regime. He later discovered that she and friends of his from the Central City Police Department were part of an insurgent group against Superman. Though they were almost arrested by Regime-controlled supervillains King Shark and Girder, the Flash stepped in to save them, only to accidentally kill King Shark in defense of Iris, only solidifying his villainy to the people he was trying to save. In the middle of battle, the Flash ran Iris away from to talk to her, but she only condemned him further for associating with Superman. Frustrated, Barry once returned Iris to the fight and allowed her and the Insurgents to be arrested by Girder.

The Flash reconnected with Batman and decided not to go back in time to change the timeline. Batman insisted that their timeline was broken, but Flash responded that maybe this was how it was supposed to be. The Flash then returned to the Hall of Justice and asserted his allegiance to Superman.

The Flash aided Superman when Hawkman returned to Earth with a Kryptonite mace, intending to kill the Kryptonian. Without his mace, Hawkman didn't stand a chance and was murdered by Superman in combat.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Flash is first seen as an agent of Superman's Regime, along with Shazam, supervising the treaty with Aquaman about surrendering Atlantis to the Regime's rule. What he didn't know was the Aquaman they're meeting was instead Aquaman from the main universe, enraged with the basis of the treaty and declaring that Atlantis should not surrender. Flash and Shazam tried subduing Aquaman, but were defeated and even when the Regime's Aquaman came to attack his other, more righteous self, he was defeated.

Flash is later seen in the Watchtower, expressing his doubts about serving the Regime with Shazam, but was convinced to stay by Shazam. He was later attacked by Deathstroke and knocked out as Deathstroke planted the bomb in the Watchtower. Flash, however, survived as Cyborg teleported everyone to safety before the tower exploded.

After the attack on Stryker Island, Superman announced that he would destroy both Gotham and Metropolis to set an example to the people, and cold bloodedly killed the protesting Shazam. At that point, Flash finally realized that the Regime isn't doing the right thing and promptly defected, going past Yellow Lantern and Solomon Grundy and rendezvoused with the Insurgency, surprised to see Green Arrow as the Green Arrow he knew was killed by Superman for voicing an opposition against the Regime.

After a brief battle due to misunderstanding, the Insurgency, filled with heroes from the main universe, welcomed Flash to explain his purpose. Flash revealed Superman's plan to destroy Metropolis and Gotham, but soon the Regime attacks the hideout and forced the heroes to move out and defend the first city attacked: Metropolis. However, the battle eventually ended as the main universe Superman was summoned and defeated the Regime's Superman.

Despite helping the Insurgency bringing peace back to the world, Flash surrendered himself to the police to atone for his sins of serving the Regime, a decision he's content with. Before he's carted off, he gave a last look to Green Arrow, giving a smile and his acknowledgement that he knew what to do.

In his personal game ending, the Flash serves his time and is released. Still ashamed of his past actions, Flash continues to help the people of Central City and Keystone, but never showing himself, except as a red blur, thinking that maybe someday, he will again be worthy of being a hero in the public eye.

Injustice 2

Due to Flash’s defection to the Regime, Batman has pardoned him, though he has decided to taken a job at Luthor/Wayne Climate Research Center at the expense of not using his powers, where he assists Dr. Randall with lab work. Throughout the game, he is aware of how people feel untrusted towards him, and how he want to work hard to redeem himself. Upon hearing Brainiac attacking a research center, Barry decides to use his speed powers once more and help Metropolis again.

Flash is later present with other Justice League members on Brainiac’s offer. After they defeat him, if Superman’s path is chosen, he will lure Superman before the latter attacks him, causing him to crash into a building. Clark reprimands Flash for his defection on the Regime, and although Barry tries to fight back, he fails. Superman later rounds up the other Insurgency members, Flash included.


You're a lunatic.
~ Flash response to Superman's rule and Regime in Injustice
At least I'll die a hero.
~ Flash
Better than blind loyalty.
~ The Flash
The Regime was a mistake.
~ Flash in Injustice 2


  • He is the second member of The Regime who joined the Insurgency, the first one being Lex Luthor. Ares can be sometimes count despite not joining the battle with Insurgency, but only helps them by giving one of the members from the Prime Universe the clues on what happened in the One-Earth Universe and what the Regime is up to on their next moves.


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