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The Fluffy Bunch is a minor villainous group in The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Sweet 'N' Sour".


  • Fluffy Kitty - She's the leader of the group, and one of the group's two female members. Her kitty cat looks are quite cute, but her personality is anything but. She is somewhat mean-spirited and spoiled. She is voiced by Cathy Cavadini, who also voiced Blossom.
  • Cuddly Bunny - She's the other female member of the Fluffy Bunch. Her body is pink and her eyes are blue. Like the other members, she is spoiled and greedy. She has an intelligent side and can trick people easily. Cuddly is much nicer than the other members, but her spoiled behavior and greediness interfere with that. She usually bounces around. She is voiced by E.G. Daily, who also voiced Buttercup.
  • Puppy Wuppy - She's the last female member of the of the Fluffy Bunch. Like the others, she is spoiled, mean, and likes rare things. She has a big love for dog treats. Puppy Wuppy is stronger compared to the others, but she can be ditzy most of the time and usually gets hit by Fluffy Kitty for that, similar to how Brick hits Boomer. She is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voiced Bubbles.


In "Sweet 'N' Sour", The Powerpuff Girls arrived on the scene, when hearing about a bank robbery, with the bank robbers being three adorable animals, who were together known as "The Fluffy Bunch". The Powerpuff Girls tried attacking them, but the minute they started to fight, The Fluffy Bunch started crying and begging for pity points. The Citizens of Townsville saw this and because The Fluffy Bunch was so cute, they saw The Powerpuff Girls as the oppressors and scolded them for hurting cute little animals. The Powerpuff Girls left them alone and the citizens of Townsville cheered for The Fluffy Bunch.

A newspaper article was later published, telling a one-sided story that slandered Buttercup, specifically for allegedly abusing an innocent rabbit. Buttercup thought it was unfair that the news article didn't even mention the fact that the Fluffy Bunch was robbing a bank at the moment of the attack.

The Fluffy Bunch later stuck again when they robbed a jewelry store. Once again, The Powerpuff Girls tried very gently to pick them up and take them to jail, but when the public eye heard about this, everybody started shunning The Powerpuff Girls for being such cruel villains.

While The Powerpuff Girls took The Fluffy Bunch to jail, The Fluffy Bunch showed their true selves and started insulting The Powerpuff Girls. The girls ignored them and took them to the prison. The police officer let their cuteness get the best of him, and he set them free early for "cute behavior".

Once again, The Fluffy Bunch robbed an art museum, and everybody who worked there was fully aware of it and allowed it due to their appearane. However, the Powerpuff Girls were shunned out of the museum before they could even start attacking them. Time went by, and The Fluffy Bunch continued stealing things, causing chaos, and taking over Townsville, but The Powerpuff Girls simply weren't allowed to stop them due to societal obligations. It seemed that nobody was going to side with The Powerpuff Girls, when it came to the point that even their closest allies, such as The Mayor and Professor Utonium was being suckered by their cuteness.

Blossom got the idea on how to defeat them when Bubbles said that everybody loved them too much. The Powerpuff Girls lured The Fluffy Bunch to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten by disguising the building as a bank. The Fluffy Bunch walked right in there, and they were greeted by a classroom full of ugly, unsanitary children, who all stampeded after them and showered them with love. The stampede of kids ran off, carrying The Fluffy Bunch with them, and those evil villains were unable to do anything evil ever again.



  • There was some foreshadowing to The Fluffy Bunch before they were introduced. In the scene before The Powerpuff Girls first encountered them, Bubbles was playing with three stuffed animals resembling a rabbit, a cat, and a dog. The Fluffy Bunch are comprised of these three animal species.
  • The Fluffy Bunch are looks similar to the Sanrio Company's Jewelpet because their body and their eyes are the same color in this episode.
  • Each member of the Fluffy Bunch is voiced by the girls' voice actresses.