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The Forsaken is a villain in Spawn comics. He was the first redeemer to be created by Heaven.

The Forsaken's history is that when the Hellspawns were born Heaven decided to created the anti-spawns aka redeemers and they used the experimental heavnely fire for the process and thus the Forsaken was born. However the experimental fire was too unsable and tained the forsaken to the point of him going insane and God was digusted with him fearing that he will taint heaven so God banished Forsaken out of heaven and since then he wanted to get back on Heaven by Killing demons and hellspawns. No other Information on the Forsaken was revealed as his files were erased from history. Thanks to the bomb caused by Spawn This caused Forsaken to resurfec still trying to get back to heaven and serve god again not aware that god wants nothing to do with him. There he reluctantly worked with a demon named Cordelia and her allies into briging them hellspawns as their pawns despite Forsaken's own idea of killing them all. So far he had capture four hellspawns Ceturian Spawn,Pirate Spawn,Noir Spawn,and Sorcerer Spawn for Cordeilia. He later encounters another hellspawn a cybernetic one at that and was about to kill him until Spawn and Redeemer showed up to stop him. Spawn and Redeemer foguht Forsaken until the arrival of of the other three hellspawns and Forsaken and redeemer foguht. Forsaken is angry at Redeemer fighting alongside a hellspawn but redeemer reveals taht God does not want him back forcecully and that Cordelia lied to him. Shocked by this revealtion he heads out to hunt and kill Coredlia for her deception.

As the first Redeemer,Forsaken has the same powers from the Heavntly fire but more unstable,poesssing superhuman strength,speed,stamina,and durablity. He also have a healing factor and the ability of flight as well as using magic and making weapons out of heaven's fire. He also poessed master combat abilites.