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No matter! Let them do their worst, for in this Mildew-Sequined Empire of the outcast and the lost... THE FREAK shall reign supreme!
~ The Freak to a gang.

Bryan Kulizcai, also known as The Freak, is a recurring antagonist in the Image Comics' Spawn series. The Freak was a mental patient who became a criminal. He is also one of the many enemies of Spawn.


Early life

The Freak was an ordinary man named Byran Kulbiczi who was married to an unnamed wife who didn't want kids and this rejection caused him to have delirium and was sent to a mental hospital.

Tricking Spawn

He was committed to an asylum but later built himself a mansion in the sewers. The Freak made a minor appearance saving Violator from drowning and later met Spawn in the Sewers. After doing this for him it is discovered that The Freak is, in fact, insane and that Spawn has been tricked into murdering The Freak's own therapist. The Freak reappears again later with a gang of street thugs who manage to overpower and apparently kill Spawn when they capture him in the Deadzone. The neoplasm he saves from Spawn's crucified body would later cause a murdered bum, Eddie Beckett, to be reborn as the Heap. Spawn's body is retrieved from the Deadzone by Sam Burke and Twitch Williams which allows Spawn to return to life thanks to bugs and insects in the alley. Freak was killed by Spawn and later returns in issue #100 where he is shown laughing maniacally. Freak later encounters The Redeemer, begging him to free him from hell.

Freak's return

Freak as a zombie.

The Freak returns this time possessed by Malebolgia who used him to restore himself and was eventually destroyed by Leetha. In Spawn #289, Freak was revived by Spawn to serve as one of his pawns. In the later issues, we learn that the Freak had a brother named Greg who worked at Skybound until Freak kills stating that he has no time for family.

Other Media

The Freak appears as a boss in the Game Boy Color version.

Powers and Abilities

The Freak has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability as well as immortality. He is capable of using his claws as weapons and is proficient in hand to hand combat, and also possesses the ability to teleport.



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