The Gammas are the minions of Bradley Uppercrust III and they are supporting antagonists in the 2000 animated Disney film, An Extremely Goofy Movie.


Just like their leader Bradley, the Gammas are known for their arrogance of winning many X-Games, as they consider themselves as winner as opposed to everyone else. They are also very dirty cheaters--such as sabotaging their rivals' equipment to get in the lead during the races.

However, this wasn't the case when the Gamma were challenged by Max Goof and his friends during the X-Games. During the final race, with the help from his father Goofy, Max and his friend were able to win the X-Games, leaving the Gammas in utter defeat. As such, the Gamma are dismayed over their loss, with the exception of Tank, who angrily deals with Bradley as revenge for getting him and Max killed by his latest stunt to cheat.

Known members

  • Bradley Uppercrust III - See main article.
  • Tank - The secondary antagonist in An Extremely Goofy Movie. He was voiced by Brad Garrett. Tank was formerly Bradley Uppercrust III's right-hand man of the "Gamma Mu Mu" fraternity at Max Goof's college. After Bradley blasts Max and Tank into a giant X-Games logo, Tank helps Max win the X-Games after Max saves him. Reforming after Max won the X-Games competition, Tank, acting in revenge for Brad nearly getting him killed during the competition, grabs Brad and throws him into an ESPN zeppelin, or as he put it, "get on the last jet to nowhere." As a result, he then became the new leader of the Gammas.
  • Slouch - Slouch is one of the members of the gammas. & the one who has a hat.



  • One of the few named Gammas besides Bradley and Tank was Slouch (the one with the hat) because, despite not being more important than the other Gammas, had to be mentioned as part of their sports' team. Slouch also got a figure in the McDonald's collection based on the film.
  • A tall and skinny member of the Gammas looks like a shaved version of Bigfoot from the previous film, due to having the same snout.


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