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The Gargaloon is the main antagonist of Laika's 2005 short film Moongirl. They're a ghost like entity that is made up of two bodies infused into one. Their main goal is to steal a jar of lightning bugs.

They were voiced by Henry Selick.


They appear to have a white misty body with two heads, humanoid arms, and a snake body. Their heads both have horns, and their eyes as well as their mouths are see-through.


The Gargaloon is two separate entities that make up one body. Despite seemingly having two bodies, they are described by the Moongirl as being one entity. They have the ability to split themselves from the main body, and then reconnect later. They also have the ability to role their bodies like a wheel.

For unknown reasons, the Gargaloons want to steal a jar of lightning bugs that will cause the benefits of the moon to stop occurring. Their motives for doing so are unknown, and so it is implied that they are inherently evil. Despite seemingly to be mostly feral, they are shown to have some sort of intelligence, as they are seen being able to properly use glue.


The Gargaloon is first seen when Moongirl's cat tries to eat Leon's pet squirrel. They sneak into Moongirl's home and steal Leon's jar of fireflies.

Moongirl notices their presence and the Gargaloon chase after them until the cat gets stuck in glue. Leon uses his squirrel to steal back the jar while Moongirl tries to free her cat from the glue. As the two ghosts chase after the squirrel, Moongirl finally frees the cat and he swipes his paw at the Gargaloon, sending them flying into the sky.

It is unknown what happened to them after their defeat, but they presumably died in space afterwards.





  • The Gargaloon are the only Laika villains to appear in a short.
  • The Gargaloon's name is most likely based after the word "Gargle", which is understandable, considering their speech sounds like somebody gargling.


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