Sometimes they were almost beautiful, if you didn’t think about the repercussions of their collective presence, about how they were just one big walking signpost that read “it has all gone to shit, and nothing can be good again”.
~ The original Tumblr caption about the Giants.
Not much has actually changed around here, we’re too far from the city for that. It gives us lots of warning. You can hear the birds screaming around it for miles before the footsteps even cause the shake. And nobody bothers us over here at ground zero. They have enough troubles.
~ A Tumblr caption on the Giants.

The Giants, also known as the Storm Creatures or the Titans, are a collection of various creatures created by the Canadian artist Trevor Henderson.


The first picture of the Giants was released on July 30, 2018, showing a massive humanoid shrouded in mist bending down, supporting itself with its crooked arms and legs. A crowd of mysterious smaller humanoid creatures with what seem to be white spots on their heads is also seen near the giant, which is described as sickly in the caption, shown heaving in the picture.

On August 6th, 2018, Trevor Henderson released another very unsettling image on his Instagram of a giant four legged entity of unparalleled size going though a small village near a mountain. Its skin is a dark gray color, and its bendy neck is long enough to touch the clouds. It also appears to have several thin tentacle-like appendages dangling off of its neck. There is also a warning in the image's description of a serious storm, with instructions to stay indoors. This creature has actually been named “The Wandering Faith” by Trevor, and he has confirmed a theory that the appendages dangling from its neck are used to carry believers to “heaven”.

On August 8th, 2018, another photo was released of a storm hitting humanity. With the storm, two more creatures arrive to the event. It's also confirmed that there's more creatures involved with the occurrence since these creatures appear to be smaller with different proportions than the second one. One appears to be very thin, possessing multiple very long legs, and only the foot of the second one is shown, which resembles a bird of sorts. The only thing this sighting and the previous one have in common is both are involved with supposed storms and mist.

Just two days later on August 10, 2018, yet another image of a giant was released. It shows a thin, bipedal pale creature that is noticeably smaller than the previous two giants. It has a bird-like head and several small spiky protrusions on his body. It also has several short tentacles under its left arm. The caption describes how humans had gotten used to the goliath, becoming able to predict the arrival of the monster due to the heavy footsteps and the screaming birds around it.

The series of pictures of the group of entities that would be known as “The Giants” on Trevor’s Tumblr continued on September 2nd, 2018. The image this time shows a thin grey giant humanoid in the middle of a road that seems to be composed of a mysterious mist or something similar. The caption talks of a potential origin theory of these giants, mentioning two moons now appearing and “overlapped spaces”, though the scientific community eventually gave up on theorizing, even before the titans arrived.

Fifteen days after the previous image, on September 17th, 2018, another image of a Giant was shown. The picture shows what is currently the biggest Giant ever captured on a photo, with the creature appearing to be the size of a small mountain. Unlike any of the previous monsters, it appears to be a giant mass of flesh supported by many lanky appendages, with nine being visible. It also has six more arms emerging out of its back.

The picture released on November 10, 2018 is an interesting case. It shows a dark worm-like monster with two white eyes, a mouth and nostrils emerging near a road. While still big, it is nowhere near as massive as any of the other Giants shown in Trevor’s series. Henderson has also stated that this creature is an adult version of a Bridge Worm, a pale creature known to lure in prey with its sad-looking false face, which covers its fleshy red actual face featuring a mouth with sharp teeth that it most likely used to devour prey. Unlike Trevor’s illustration of an adult Bridge Worm though, this creature has darker skin and possesses no arms. It is possible that the Bridge Worm species is able to grow in different ways.

On December 21st, 2018, another image of one of the Giants was released. This one shows a black thin humanoid towering over a small city. Its most notable feature is its crooked neck which causes its head to bend down. The caption simply states “breaking news”.

After a year, on July 30th, 2019, another photo was released to the public, showing another Giant tall enough for its head to breach the clouds surrounded by many birds. It appears that the creature is bipedal and possesses a head with two long protrusions emerging from the top and several small eyes running down the head. It also has pale skin and short tentacle appendages down its back and “horns”. In the description, it states how it's amazing what humans can adapt to after enough time, describing how people were able to get the evacuations “down to a science”, allowing people to still go to their jobs even with the Giants emerging. Interestingly, the caption also describes “fields” that prevent the Giants from doing much damage.

Until on October 20th, 2019, the latest picture of these creatures was revealed. In the photo, which only shows two thin bent legs and more tendrils, it's revealed what the appendages are for. They have the role of abducting humans, though it’s unknown if the human stays alive during the abduction. The caption again warns people to stay in home because of the storm, but not if you or a person you know and love is “pre-chosen”.


There has been a theory about the creatures, that they are actually Angels of God. Since it has been known that only a selected number of people will go to Paradise, the storm sirens might be Gabriel's Horn. Also, when the Day of Judgement arrives, the people who have stayed with God himself will get called to go to heaven, which is why only a selected few have been chosen to get taken by the monsters. This theory has been confirmed as Trevor has named one of the creatures “The Wandering Faith”, and he has stated that a theory about the creature using its tendrils to carry believers to heaven “nailed it”.

Another theory is presented in the image of the mist-composed giant. It states that two moons have now emerged and the caption also mentions “overlapped spaces”. It is possible that this means that the Giants came from another universe or dimension that was somehow merged with the current universe, which causes the appearance of two moons. However, this theory has not been confirmed yet by Trevor.

Some also theorize that the Bridge Worms might be connected with these creatures, with one instance of the Giants being possibly an adult Bridge Worm.





  • The Giants were created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. His other creations include Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, the Country Road Creature, the Bridge Worms, the Man with the Upside-Down Face, the Smile Room and Long Horse.
  • The Giants' purpose is "beyond our understanding".
  • It is unknown if the Giants that are shown in 2019 are actually part of these hostile species, as they are not marked with the tag #The Giants in Trevor’s Tumblr. It is possible that they also have a different purpose or intention than the rest of the Giants and that they are the angels of God while the others are from another dimension.
  • The Giants appear to be one of the largest of Trevor Henderson's creations, alongside Siren Head.


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