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No one loves me!
~ The Girl

The Girl is the antagonist of the Creepypasta story "The Girl".


The Girl inhabits an island named Malta in the Mediterranean Sea and she inspires fear in anyone she meets. She is in a place named Ghar Dalam. The Girl's lair is shrouded in candles and you might prefer an electric light. But there are skeletons and fossils of long dead animals around her cave. The requirements for meeting her are - you have to go to Malta on a three am flight, and you also have to get to her cave in an hour when getting to Ghar Dalam. This is required.

The Girl then shows herself sobbing and weeping that no one loves her, and she kills anyone who feels sympathy for her. What you must do is to say "You're right, no one does love you." She will scream "WHY?" and then you must walk a hundred feet; she will try and kill you but can't reach you. Then you must walk right up to her, counting each step, and soon the Girl will rip your body apart, inflicting stab wounds on it, and she will finally hug you, looking into your eyes and saying "I love you too." a man named Blade Growning had been found murdered by the Girl, and one of his friends is having a dream where she sees Blade, dead, saying "No one loves me" and "I'm worthless."


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