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The Girl is a surprise antagonist in the 1981 animated fantasy film Heavy Metal, in the segment "Harry Canyon".

She is voiced by Susan Roman.


Though an ally throughout most of the story, she pulls a selfish betrayal at the climax which costs her her life. The girl is the daughter of an archaeologist who discovers a mysterious green orb known as the Loc-Nar. In order to obtain this object, a criminal named Rudnik murders the archaeologist, which leads the girl to find safety and shelter with a local taxi driver named Harry Canyon.

Though usually one to stay out of the business of others, Harry is evenutally charmed into helping the girl get Rudnick off her back by giving him the Loc-Nar in return for a large sum of money. However, rather than sharing the newfound wealth, the girl plans to take off with all of it, and holds Harry at gunpoint. Unfortunately for her, she does so while still in the back seat of Harry's cab, which is equipped with disintegration device as a precaution for when dangerous passengers pull such a stunt. The girl is killed, and Harry keeps the money, stating that he'll put it down as "a two-day ride, with one hell of a tip."