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The Mercy Cult, also known as "The Givers", is a major antagonistic faction in The Purge TV series. They are a modern-day American suicide cult comprised of many members who want to sacrifice their lives in the name of The Purge and are lead by Good Leader Tavis.


The Mercy Cult was an "alternative new religion" run by their founding leader only named Tavis, whom herself is referred to by her followers as "Good Leader Tavis".

Good Leader Tavis brainwashes young people as well as lost people including drug addicts for the sole purpose of sacrificing their lives for Purgers. They called this dangerous ceremonial rite of theirs "The Giving, and they do so for they can achieve martyrdom via entering "The Indisible"/"The Invisible" (another name for heaven and the afterlife within their strange spiritual beliefs).

The cult group, however, was actually funded by the New Founding Fathers of America themselves so the annual Purging could have more victims on the Purge nights. Eventually, the group was disbanded after this was discovered.

List of Members

  • Good Leader Tavis - Leader
  • Samuel - Bus driver
  • Penelope Guerrero
  • Melissa
  • Laura
  • Arthur
  • Numerous unnamed members



  • Despite their major role in the TV series, the name "Mercy Cult" is never said in the show and was only revealed on a promotional newspaper distributed before the show started.


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