The Goons are a street gang who are affiliated with Holli Would and the secondary antagonists in the movie Cool World. They like nothing better than to annoy people, mess around, gamble and swindle victims out of their money, and cause havoc.

They are first seen hustling a victim when they meet up with Jack Deebs. They annoy him until Holli shows up.

The Goons later drop off Jack at Holli's abode and try to watch Holli make it.

The Known Goons

  • Slash: A short stubby scary goon who wears only a diaper and a pair of fingerless gloves. He has hands for feet and long ropey arms along with hands that have retractable sharp fingernails.
  • Mash: This massive purple beast is the "muscle" of the gang. In a pair of red shorts, this is one character whom you don't want to cross.
  • Bash: The gang's goofball. This wacky blue creature is prone to getting beat up off and on. He sometimes has a leash on a chain.
  • "Bob": The "all over you" kind of goon, Bob is the last member of the group who dresses up in drag.