The Grotesquery

The Grotesquery is the last Faceless One on earth during the present time of Skulduggery Pleasant and the final antagonist in the novel Playing with Fire as well as a posthumous antagonist in it's sequel The Faceless Ones. Actually, it is used to be the dead remains of a Faceless Ones that reconstructed as a hybrid entity by adding parts of many powerful creatures in the past. At one point however, the construction of Grotesquery is left unfinished until Baron Vengeous freed from his prison to resume it. I

It is eventually killed by the combined efforts of Cleavers, Mr. Bliss, Skulduggery, Tanith and Valkyrie at the end of the second book.

Known Components

As magically created beast that created in a similar manner with Frankenstein's Monster, the Grotesquery created with several parts from other creatures, gave it their powers. Some of them are:

  • Blood of Ancient and their descendants' (Valkyrie's blood)
  • Poisonous spike from Harlequin beast.
  • Faceless Ones' torso.
  • Shibbach' part (located in unknown part of it's body).


It is about the size of two men. Its torso is from Faceless One's, something that connected Grotesquery to the The Faceless Ones' universe. Its right arm is red and fleshy and can fold out and extend to a degree. On its left arm it has a large poisonous spike from Harlequin beast, which is lethal, and a pus filled boil that shoots a concentrated acid-like toxin. It also has the ability to teleport, thanks to the piece of Shibbach that Baron Vengeous grafted onto its flesh. It is not known where this piece is located, or what its limitations are. It has bandages wrapped around most of its body and completely around its face. It bleeds black blood.


After it's destruction, Grotesquery's torso that made from Faceless Ones' is later used as  a Isthimus Anchor, a teleportation device that is used by main antagonists in third book.


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