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The Grumpy Wizard is a minor antagonist in Little Einsteins, appearing as the main antagonist of the episode "Sleeping Bassoon".


The Grumpy Wizard is very grumpy as by his name suggests. He also doesn't like music or Princess Bassoon.


The Grumpy Wizard appears when he casts a spell on Princess Bassoon, putting her to a deep sleep. He is later seen using his magic to make a roaring toadstool, with June managing to shove it to the ground. However, the wizard made even more toadstools, and Quincy used his cymbals to make June jump on them as they were shoved into the ground.

Later on, he puts a spell on Rocket that makes him get pulled backwards to him, but Quincy and Annie free him. He is then seen in a forest when he steals Quincy's trumpet and throwing it into his workshop, hiding it.

At the end of the episode, whne Quincy plays her happiest song, the spell affecting Princess Bassoon was broken.


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