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A new terror stalks the darkness; her appearance strikes me as more intense than the others after but a glimpse of her haggard silhouette. Twisted and torn in unspeakable ways, with greyish dead skin stretched out over her emaciated body. Her arm is a horrid overgrown deformity capable of slashing through both flesh and bone alike. Her very presence speaks of endless torture similar to mine. I wonder - did she refuse the entity's calling until broken or did she wish for this?
~ A unknown figure on The Hag.

Lisa Sherwood, better known as The Hag, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. She was a normal village inhibatant who was kidnapped and driven insane by a group of cannibals.

She was voiced by Eliane Pregent.


Lisa Sherwood was once a normal young woman who lived in a quiet town. The people in her village were kind, and the elders helped settle their disputes and keep old traditions alive. Lisa was fond of the charms which were used for safety and good fortune until that night where she was kidnapped.

The people who kidnapped her were cannibals and made her starved and mutilated along with many others until the dark hunger, heavily implied to be The Entity itself, made her into a twisted monster to get revenge on her tormentors, killing them all and leaving the scene.

Stroke of Luck



The Hag's abilities are using magic and her claws with her reflexes, using her strength despite her small stature. Her "memento mori" is tearing out her prey's throat and then feasting on their innards.



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