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They finished the job by cutting off his most prized possession: his hand. Crudly fastened to his severed appendage was the tool of his livelihood, the Hammer, ready for one last chance at vengeance.
~ Cyrus Kriticos describing George Markley (aka The Hammer).

George Markley, chosen by Cyrus Kriticos to become The Hammer, is a major antagonist in Thir13en Ghosts.

He was portrayed by Herbert Duncanson.


Before death

George was a honest Afro-American blacksmith that lived during the 1890's when racism ran rampant. He was wrongfully accused of stealing by a hardworking but incredibly racist Caucasian man named Nathan, and after being threatened with exile, he refused to leave the town. Out of racial prejudice, a gang led by Nathan kidnapped his wife and children and hanged them, then burned their bodies. Enraged, George used his sledgehammer to beat the culprits to death. He was then dragged to his shop by the townsfolk, and exposed to a severe form of frontier justice fueled with racism against his kinds: he was bound to a tree with ropes and had railroad spikes driven into his body. As a final touch, his hand was cut and replaced with his prized hammer, handle and all.


George's ghost is one of the most aggressive ghosts in the movie. His body is completely impaled with the railroad spikes, all of which are plainly visible, and has his own hammer for his left hand. He is the only African-American ghost of the movie.

Unlike most of the other killer ghosts in the film, his motives were considered to be pretty understandable by viewers, and is considered a tragic figure since the only people he killed were his family's murderers and that the law enforcement was corrupt and racism against African-American was all time high at the time, as seen where the gang was not killed by the townsfolk, but when George killed those murderers, the town killed him out of hatred against his race.

Role in the movie

Markley first appears on his cell, when Dennis Rafkin first introduces him to the Kriticos family's nanny Maggie Bess while they were searching for young Bobby Kriticos within the Basileus Machine's basement, before having a vision of his death by the Juggernaut. He then corners Dennis within the lower hallway, where he is broken by him. He is finally seen in the climax, carrying Cyrus to his death in the Ocularis Infernum, then leaving with the other ghosts and crossing over.


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