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The Cryer and Harrington families are the titular Haves of Haves and the Have Nots. They are the primary antagonists of the show who want to deceive the press by thinking that they are a perfect family but under that veil, their dysfunction threatens to tear them apart.


It all starts with Jim Cryer's infidelity which leads to problems as he met Candace at an escort service and then she became friends with his daughter and ended up blackmailing him.

She then goes to extreme lengths to ruin the Cryer's reputation by threatening to sabotage Jim's campaign and his chance of becoming Governor by revealing their "child" and blackmailed them once again, threatening to reveal about the child. Thus led to Jim and David to kidnap Candace with Jim's thugs, the Malones. As Candace manipulates her way, the Malones release her. Due to Wyatt Cryer's manslaughter of killing a girl named Lizzie and hitting Hanna's (Candace's mother and the Cryer's maid) son, Benny, the Haves go through extreme lengths in order to prevent their image from fading. Jim even frames Hanna for it but the show's anti-heroine, Jim's wife, Katheryn Cryer has Hanna out of jail.

When someone is manipulated into claiming that he is the hit-and-run driver, the Haves celebrate but their celebration is shortlived when Jim is kidnapped and Amanda shoots someone in the Cryer household. This could prove that the tables will be turning on them.


  • Jim Cryer - The patriarch of his family and the main antagonist of the show who is a power-abusing, conniving, abrasive, amoral, diabolical and corrupt man who will do anything in order to get what he wants. Aside from that, he is two-timing, always having multiple affairs.

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