The Heretic is an artificially-grown clone of Damian Wayne and the right-hand of Talia al Ghul in Batman Incorporated.



Talia (left) with the Heretic

The Heretic was cloned from Damian shortly after he abandoned Talia to become the new Robin. Talia had the clone artificially modified to become an unstoppable killing-machine loyal only to herself. The Heretic is strong enough to take on several highly trained bodyguards but possesses the mind of a naïve child looking for approval. Under his mask, it's revealed that he has the face of a baby.

The Heretic kills Robin

When Batman started Batman Inc., Robin encountered the Heretic in the carcass of a dead whale. The Heretic claimed to be an agent of Leviathan, a terrorist organization bent on causing untold chaos around the world. He then leaves Robin, promising that they'll meet again.

When Leviathan invades Gotham City, the Heretic and Robin fight each other. The Heretic kills Robin, assuming that it's what Talia would want. To his surprise, Talia was instead angry with him. To prove himself, the Heretic takes on Batman, only to be defeated as Batman, Nightwing and the new Knight beat him to a pulp. When the Heretic returned to Talia, she beheaded him for his failure.



  • At the end of Batman Incorporated, it's revealed that Ra's Al Ghul possesses dozens more clones of Damian. Whether these clones will become the new Damian or Heretic remains to be seen.
  • In Batman Bad Blood, Heretic has a adult face.
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