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The High Command are the overarching antagonists from Darkwing Duck. They are a trio of mysterious figures who run over the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny, their real identities being completely unknown. In the third and final season of the DuckTales reboot, they serve as the main antagonists, where in this version they are actually Scrooge's Board of Directors. Bradford acts as the main antagonist among them.

In the DuckTales reboot, they were all voiced by Marc Evan Jackson, who also portrayed Agent Trout in We Bare Bears: The Movie, and Shawn in The Good Place.


Darkwing Duck

They never ever appear in person to anyone, only communicating with their agents, even the higher ranked ones, through TV videochats where they appear only as black silhouettes. Their broadcasts happen from a office room with the FOWL logo behind them, though where said office room is is also unknown. The trio is thoroughly feared by all FOWL's agents, and even though they show a great deal of patience with their underlings even when their plans fail, they are known to dispose of anyone who upsets them, especially traitors, such as Steelbeak's predecessor, who betrayed the group only to end up getting put through six trash compactors. They are also the main villains in the third arc of the comics.

The High Command's members are as follows:

  • The central silhouette appears as a duck with prominent fangs and sporting large hair. Apparently the leader of the trio, he is responsible for most of the talking done by them, issuing orders directly especially for Steelbeak.
  • The right silhouette appears as a large buzzard wearing a hat. He doesn't speak in any of his appearances.
  • The left silhouette also appears as a buzzard, with no distinct features. He has a few lines.

DuckTales (2017)

Your little adventure fantasy is coming to an end, McDuck!
~ Bradfod to Scrooge once F.O.W.L is revealed at last.

In this version, it is revealed that Scrooge's Board of Directors are The High Command of F.O.W.L. After the defeat of General Lunaris, they recognize that Clan McDuck has become too much of a risk factor for the world and their own schemes, so they, alongside their minions, intend to eliminate them. They serve as the main antagonists of Season 3, with them leading F.O.W.L. to destroy the Duck family. In Challenge of the Senior Jr Woodchucks, the High Command declares that they should claim the lost treasures of Isabella Finch before the McDuck family can. Bradford Buzzard said "then the race is on".

The High Command's members are as follows:

  • Bradford Buzzard- often center of the trio, he is responsible for most of the talking by them. He is presumably the head of the board.
  • Bentley Buzzard- one of the trio, the only time he spoke is in the premier "Woo-oo!". Like Bradford, he was also voiced by Marc Evan Jackson. He is the one with the gray eyebrows and the monocle.
  • Buford Buzzard - another member of the trio, so far, he has no speaking lines, he is the one with the big glasses.



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