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A most terrible man to behold. His physique is all twisted and disfigured as of by some awful accident. He carries a deadly and cruel chainsaw which he wields with devastating violence, seemingly imbuing him with a superhuman speed for a while. His advantage is also a weakness as the loud noise can give away his position. So I have tried to heighten my sense of sound. Honing in on any sound that is not stemming from nature.
~ Benedict Baker on The Hillbilly.

Max Thompson Jr., better known as The Hillbilly, is one of the playable antagonists in Dead by Daylight.

He was voiced by Filip Ivanovic, who also voiced The Trapper, The Wraith, The Nightmare, and The Cannibal.


Max Thopson Jr. was born deformed and his parents treated him like dirt. He grew up imprisoned in his own room locked from the outside world with his only outside influence is the hole in his room where his parents feed him. The abuse continued until he got older and eventually snapped and killed his parents in revenge.

At some point, he was found by The Entity and became one of his servants hunting down survivors with his hammer and chainsaw. His "memento mori" involves him using a chainsaw on the survivors on the ground.




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