We were overwhelmed. I could not save mine, so I have hidden myself where I might be found by the others, if they even survive. There is most likely no possibility of my return to the City. I prepare here in summary the knowledge so painfully won by my Guardian and our fireteam. The Moon has been geoengineered into an impregnable fortress, designed to support a vast number of - creatures - if any mind could be evil enough to create them. Are they alive? They move, they shriek, they fall upon us in ravenous waves. But I see death, decay, and corruption, not life. We discovered, to our sorrow, one massive set of gates. There are likely more. We met a towering monster, wielding a sword of utter darkness. The Light only made it hungry. We tried to fight, and we fell. Too many times to remember. We were all brave, I assure you. May the Light find Guardians capable of facing this monstrosity, or I fear the Moon may be lost to us forever.
~ Ghost Fragment Hive 1

The Hive are an impossibly ancient race that battled humanity at the end of their Golden Age. They most prominently reside on the Moon, where they have burrowed deep within its lifeless core, carving out a kingdom for themselves. They have been silent and buried among many dark and terrible secrets, staying there for centuries while growing stronger. They serve as a reminder of the tremendous power that brought forth the Collapse. They serve as the main antagonists of Destiny: The Taken King.

The Hive are one of the main enemies of the videogame Destiny. They are the oldest and mainly inhabit the Moon through underground catacombs, most notably the gigantic chasm in the Moon affectionately named, "The Hellmouth". They also inhabit Old Russia, Titan and the Ice Caps of Mars. The Hive are willing to do anything to satisfy their worms (which they share a symbiotic relationship with). Compared to the other hostile alien races the Hive are the worst out of all of them having a direct connection to the Darkness and preforming atrocious acts on their enemies. They exist only to purge all Light within the universe so that Darkness may overtake everything.



The Hive had various encounters with Humanity, all starting and ending in violence as reasoning is not an option to the Hive. They seek to destroy us, plain and simple.

The Collapse/The End of the Golden Age

At some point in the near end of the Golden Age the Hive attacked Humanity's colonies at the Moon. The colonies were caught off guard killing anyone in their wake with ease. This happened with several other attacks on human controlled planets ultimately resulting in the sacrifice of The Traveler (A God to Humanity) and the countless deaths of millions with the Hive playing a large part of that.

The Great Disaster

After the most saddening event that would of come to humanity many Guardians would set up strategic points and take up arms to reclaim the Moon from the space zombies that plagued it for generations, most of which never returned. One of the most infamous is The Great Disaster. This event was started when the Guardians decided to take on the Hive as a direct attack on the necropolises with hundreds of Guardians mowing down every cultist they could find. It was going well, until they met Crota The Light Eater, the Hive Prince commanding the brood on the moon. When they met him with his dark blade he killed any Guardian who dared to even attack him, with it being the darkest edge revival proved impossible, corpses of the greatest Guardian army ever assembled lied there forever, with only one survivor, Eriana -3, leaving that fateful day.

Following the Great Disaster

The Guardians discontinued any further action on the Moon and any Guardian who wished to act there would receive no help by any means. Nevertheless some continued to research the growing threat of the Hive and Crota but to no avail. It is there that the individuals who seek to learn about Crota (Eris Morn and Eriana -3) sought to do this at all costs, turning to a fanatical Warlock named Toland, it is there there would be another attack on the Hive's presence on the Moon.

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