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The Hive Mind is a colossal Necromorph made out of masses of human flesh. It serves as the main antagonist and final boss of the first Dead Space video game. The latter also appeared in the novels Dead Space Martyr and Dead Space Salvage.

Another variation of The Hive Mind appeared in Dead Space 3 dubbed as The Nexus.


The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind is born out of an unwitting military experiment caused by the activation of the Marker 3A centuries prior to the events of the first game. Initially, the creature is seen in a blurry video in which it is believed to be a divine being worshipped by a mad scientist named Challus Mercer. After realizing that the Marker is in fact a dangerous weapon, further experiments were cancelled before the Marker is being used one last time to suppress the towering beast where the Hive Mind returned to a complex cave system for its slumber.

Two centuries later, the Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC) discovered Aegis VII as a goldmine resource. Despite the danger of travelling there due to a classified information, nonetheless the CEC continued constructing a colony to begin their mining operations. When the USG Ishimura arrived at the Aegis VII, a group of miners discovered the Marker 3A. Immediately the Marker reactivated and started its second phase by slowly driving the miners into insanity. While the USG Ishimura begins its planet cracking, the Hive Mind was exposed to the surface world however, the Marker later reached its "final potency", thus causing all the dead bodies to transform into a Necromorph. This has caused things to go south as the Hive Mind reawakens from its 200 years of slumber where it uses its telepathy to command its minions and tried killing anyone who has stumbled upon its nest. As the mining colony collapses, the Hive Mind soon gains control of the Ishimura as well.

Isaac Clarke would later meet Dr. Terrence Kyne, explaining to him how to end the horror in the ship and the planet by returning back the Marker to its original position. However, one of Isaac's allies Kendra Daniels betrayed him and shot Dr. Kyne to death before she tried leaving with an escape shuttle with the Marker. Because the Marker has also influenced Isaac, he has also pulled the shuttle back to the ship, causing Kendra to use an escape pod instead. After struggling with the Marker as Isaac tried to make his way into the planet as the Necromorphs sent by the Hive Mind tried to kill him while at the same time returning the Marker to its original position, Isaac heads back to the shuttle only to be stopped by Kendra as she stole the Marker. This event leads to the reawakening of the Hive Mind, attempting to destroy the colony in order to retrieve the Marker.

As the two meet together, the massive hulking beast slams Kendra with its tentacles, killing her in instantly in the process before proceeding to Isaac. After a long fight, Isaac finally made one last blow to put a miserable end to the creature once and for all. What remains of it has later burned to ashes as the planet was destroyed.

The Nexus

The Nexus is first seen at the Tau Volantis. Several specimens were frozen in the subzero however, one of these thaws and has revived. Like its brethren from the Aegis VII, they are capable of sending telepathic signals for the Markers while also commanding the smaller Necromorph forms.

Isaac had to progress into a live Nexus' body cavity in order to stop the Markers by activating its nerve clusters used in tracking down an Alien machine. However, this has caused the large beast to become enraged.

During the confrontation with Jacob Danik and his soldiers, one of the specimens have sighted Isaac, John Carver and Robert Norton during a short gunfight, thus causing it to attack them. After attacking its weak spots, the creature sucks Isaac Clarke down to its stomach in which he attacks the Nest inside its stomach, finally causing it to collapse and die.


The Hive Mind is a massive worm-like creature made out of human masses. Its central mouth has visible abscess-like weak spots. It somewhat resembles the Bobbit Worm (Eunice aphroditois) in terms of appearance albeit without the long razor-sharp teeth.

The Nexus resembles a crustacean-like alien insectoid, it has powerful claws that can be used to crush its victims with little to no effort. Like the Hive Mind, the Nexus also has weak spots located on its abdomen.

Powers and Abilities

The Hive Mind and The Nexus possesses a powerful array of telekinetic abilities in order to spread the infection of the Necromorphs outbreak at the USG Ishimura and Aegis VII, its telekinesis is also used to control the Necromorphs' actions and intelligence.

As a large creature, it has immense superhuman strength, durability, and longevity. It is able to crush a mere human with minimal effort while ripping them apart easily. Aside from its powerful tentacles, it can release other Necromorphs in order to assist it during the final battle with Isaac Clarke.

The Nexus has its own unique ability where it can suck up its victims like a vacuum in order to transfer them into its acidic stomach although this will expose its internal weak points.


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