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You may have seen our tags around Carcer City, that's right the Hoods, your friendly neighborhood thugs. You need to pull a hospital job on somebody, got an old teacher that still pisses you off after all these years, did a cop actually give you a parking ticket? Give my associates and me a call and we will personally fix any problems you may have.
~ A member of the Hoods.

The Hoods are the first group of antagonists James Earl Cash encounters in the controversial stealth/horror game Manhunt.

Voice Actors

  • Sean R. Lynch
  • John Doman
  • Lenny Venito
  • Gregory Salata
  • Peter Appel
  • Nestor Serrano


After Cash gets out of prison, he makes it into the street The Hoods work on. Picking off several members, he heads into the mall some other members are in. Fleeing down the garbage chute, he heads to The Hoods' main base, and defeats more of the group. After breaking into the city's library, he is picked up by Cerberus and leaves their grounds.

It's unknown if James Earl Cash killed all of them or not. If any survived, it's most likely that they would be arrested by Carcer City's new police force after Cash kills Starkweather.

The only named Hood member was "The Crusher", a man wielding a crowbar in his own room lit only by studio lights. He's not any stronger than any of his fellow Hoods and the only advantage he has over most of the others, is that he manages to get the jump on Cash since he has no choice but to enter his room to progress.


The Hoods are a group of disorganized criminals who work for Lionel Starkweather for money. Most of the Hoods are consisting of corrupt police officers and criminals. They wear common clothes with hoods attached, and wield bats and crowbars. The group is also rather casual and easily distracted, mainly being cannon fodder for the tutorial levels of the game.



  • They appear in 3 of the game's missions.
  • In the Las Venturas' police station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, several of the wanted posters are men from The Hoods.
  • Some of the Hoods' jackets labeled are "Furys". This is a reference to The Warriors, which Rockstar has also made a game for.
  • Cash kills a total of 29 Hoods.
  • Compared to the other gangs in the two games, they are by far the most sane.
  • It seems like none, or at least not all, of The Hoods are actually aware that they agreed to be part of a snuff film where they are meant to be the victims and not the killers. A good example for this would be the very first man Cash kills in the game, a Hood guarding a doorway next to a wall that's labled "Kill this dumb f-ck" and pointed at him.

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