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Welcome, Hellraisers.
~ The Host welcoming Chelsea, Jake, Mike, Allison, and Derrick after they arrive to the Hellworld party.
Got to wake up. I got to wake up. I got to wake up. Wake up!
~ The Host's last words.

The Host is the main antagonist of Hellraiser: Hellworld. He is the father of Adam.

He was portrayed by Lance Henricksen, who also portrayed John Milton in Scream 3.


When his son Adam died, the Host invites Chelsea, Jake, Mike, Allison, and Derrick (who were friends with his son Adam) to the Hellworld party, to kill them as revenge for the death of Adam.

When Chelsea, Jake, Mike, Allison, and Derrick arrived, the Host welcomes them, and offers them drinks, then shows them around the mansion. The Host manages to drug Chelsea, Jake, Mike, Allison, and Derrick and buried them alive in coffins so they’ll have enough Hellworld-related hallucinations to kill them. But, Chelsea and Jake were rescued by the police while Mike, Allison, and Derrick were already dead.

The Host then hid from the police in a hotel, where he opens the real Lament Configuration, and summons Pinhead and his Cenobites. Pinhead praises Adam's ingenuity and mocks the Host's disbelief. The Host frantically tries to wake up from his supposed nightmare, but Chatterer Cenobite and Bound Cenobite slice him into pieces, killing him.

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