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~ The Hound to Lie Ren after the latter demands it to release Oscar.
Take... the girl.
~ The Hound's repeated mantra while attempting to capture Penny.
I know... you're here.
~ The Hound, hunting down Whitley Schnee.

The Hound is a Creature of Grimm who serves Salem as her newest pet and a major antagonist in Volume 8 of the American animated web series RWBY.

It possesses intelligence far beyond a regular Grimm and is the first one known to be capable to speech. The Hound was tasked by Salem to bring Oscar to her so that he can tell her how to use the Relic of Knowledge.

It is voiced by Jason Liebrecht, who also provides the voice of Qrow Branwen in the same series from Volume 7 onwards, as well as the English voice of Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan and Dabi in My Hero Academia.


Salem created the Hound as her newest "experiment", being a hybrid of various Grimm forms. The Hound was tasked with capturing Oscar Pine, the current vessel for Ozpin/Ozma, and bring him back to her so he could tell her how to use the Relic of Knowledge. The Hound enters Mantle, where Grimm run rampant everywhere, and stalks Oscar's group, currently consisting of himself, Jaune Arc, Yang Xiao Long, and Lie Ren. The Hound manages to abduct Oscar and summons fellow Grimm to stall his comrades. When Lie Ren demands the Hound give Oscar back, the Hound verbally responds with "No", shocking them as, until now, no Grimm had ever been capable of talking. They chase after the Hound to rescue Oscar, only for the Hound to summon even more Grimm and successfully get away.

The Hound holds up Oscar as Salem interrogates him. When he refuses to give Salem what she wants, she allows Hazel to take over interrogation, bringing the Hound out with her. Along their way, they pass by Cinder Fall and Neopolitan, the former asking about the Hound. Salem refers to it as her latest experiment, of which she is quite proud. When Cinder asks to go back out to retrieve the power of the Winter Maiden, Salem condescendingly talks down to her with the Hound. When Cinder tries to argue back, the Hound lunges at her, causing Cinder to recoil in fear. The Hound stands by as Salem orders Cinder to remain where she is until she is told to.

Salem then gave the Hound a new mission: retrieve the new Winter Maiden Penny Poladina, an android girl currently lying injured in the Schnee family mansion. At first it attacked Ruby and Blake as they were turning on the auxilary power generator after a wide-scale blackout, mistaking Ruby for his target and knocking her out. When Penny screams as she's trying to resist the orders hacked into her by Arthur Watts, the Hound turns his attention towards the mansion and dropping Ruby, realizing his mistake. While searching the mansion, the Hound is confronted by Weiss Schnee, but he ignores her after a brief struggle to resume his hunt. He tracks Penny's scent back to Weiss's brother Whitley, who got some of Penny's blood on him while helping to carry her. He barely escapes the Hound and this time outright ignores Weiss, as he finally found Penny back in the lobby. He knocks her out and is just about to abduct her when Ruby arrives and uses her silver eyes to blast him through a window, dropping Penny.

However, unlike other Grimm the Hound wasn't destroyed by Ruby's eyes. Instead, his oily skin and mask peeled away to reveal a heavily scarred Silver-Eyed Warrior underneath. Barely conscious, he slowly advanced towards the group while repeating Salem's orders over and over again. He was finally put out of his misery when Whitley and his mother knocked a large statue on top of him just as he was about to attack.

Powers and Abilities

The Hound is shown to be above the average Grimm. It is capable of shifting forms, from its regular hound form to a more humanoid form, as well as grow wings from its back. The Hound is also able to summon other Grimm through a powerful roar, and appears quite proficient at doing so. The Hound is also the first known Grimm to be capable of human speech, clearly telling Ren "NO" when he demands he release Oscar.

The Hound also appears to have an ominous presence surrounding it, being greatly feared by both other Grimm and, of all people, Cinder Fall herself (whether this involves a past trauma of hers or purely the Hound's aura remains unclear).


  • It is the first Grimm not voiced solely by William Orendorff, who provides vocals for all other Grimm, as well as Hazel Rainart.



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