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The Stalker, as the name suggests, represents the uncomfortable feeling that there’s another presence nearby without being aware where it is, such as feeling like you’re being followed, or being unable to sleep because you saw a spider in your room earlier and now you don’t know where it is. The aim of the Stalker is to elicit feelings of paranoia and that creepy-crawly sensation.
~ The fear the Hunter (once known as the Stalker) represents.

The Hunter is one of three main antagonists (the other being The Brute and The Fiend) that the protagonist faces in the video game Monstrum.

The Hunter's behavior and looks were inspired by the Xenomorph from Alien, the Chryssalid from X-COM, as well as various insects and spiders.


The Hunter is a very slender creature with humanoid skeletal structure along with near-translucid gelatinous skin, which makes her harder to see (especially in dark places). She has a quadripartite jaw (which splits into three parts) and large, elongated fingers topped with sharp talons that she uses to grip onto prey (and crush their heads with her jaws) or tear them to shreds.


While displaying predatory and animalistic behavior in stark contrast of other creatures, the Hunter displayed above-average intellect which makes her a formidable adversary as much as them. She uses stealthy approach in hunting the player and takes her time studying their movement from the shadows.


Her origin is a mystery, though through notes it can be determined that she was a failed experiment, a human genetically manipulated with Turritopsis Dohrnii DNA in an attempt to create immortal humans, which was kept aboard a shipping container in the freight vessel Hisa Maru and sent somewhere before breaking free and killing most of the crew.

Powers and Abilities

As its name suggests, the Hunter's skillset revolves around stealth and ambush:

  • Intelligence:: The Hunter's intelligence appears to be above average for monsters, as it seems to know well where the player is, and will linger in rooms for a long time. However, larger rooms can cause it to give up easier.
  • Speed:: In terms of speed, the Hunter is faster than Fiend, yet not as fast as Brute, let alone the player in a chase. As such, it relies in ambush and cornering the player upon either emerging from an egg sack or vents if it is fast enough. Like the other two monsters, the Hunter has no trouble traversing the cargo hold, and can easily climb up through the holes.
  • Strength:: While not physically strongest of three monsters as with The Fiend, the Hunter possesses enough brute force to rip a wooden door to shreds on ease, or tear metal ones off their hinges. Luckily for the player, it cannot tear through power-locked doors.
  • Eggsack: In addition to tracking down the player and climbing walls, the creature can leave behind egg sacks from which its progeny can ambush player from if either disturbed or the player get too close to it.




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