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They might still look like people, but that person is not in there anymore.
~ Ellie to Sam regarding the Infected.

The Infected are antagonistic species in The Last of Us series. They are humans which were infected and mutated into hideous creatures by the Cordyceps Brain Infection. They are extrememly ferals and would attack anyone that are not infected.


Cordyceps Brain Infection

By the late September of 2013, Austin, Texas, Cordyceps Brain Infection began infecting some people, turning them into the infected. Between 2013 and 2033, the mutation grew to the bloaters. The more it grows, the more they are powerful. The military under the control of the Federal Disaster Response Agency, declared martial law around Quarantine Zones and ordered non-infected individuals to reside beyond a QZ. They bombed areas outside QZs, killing many infected in the process. The Fireflies believed they can create a cure for the CBI.

Death and corpse

Even though infected are dead, the fungus will continue to grow into big fungal plants around the body that would create a gas which would infect anyone else, except immune people (including Ellie).


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