Tremble at my name, for I am the Inquisitor.
~ The Inquisitor
You have been found unworthy of having existed. Your life and all memory of you will be wiped from history. The void you occupied in the space-time continuum will be allocated to a person who was never given the gift of life. May they spend their time more wisely.
~ The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is the main antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode The Inquisitor. He is a Simulant that travels time to judge every person and replaces unworthy ones by another who never had the chance of life.

He was portrayed by John Docherty.


The Inquisitor's life and work is shrouded in a veil of mystery to many people until he visits them. According to legends and horror tales, he was a self-repairing rogue Simulant who had survived until the end of time itself. Thanks this experience, he concluded there was no God and the life is all there is, so every individual have to make their life as fulfilling as possible. Since that he travels time by his gauntlet and visit every individual to judge them. Everyone is judged by themselves to prove they didn't waste their lives. When The Inquisitor finds out his victim lived a worthless life, he simply uses his gauntlet erase them from the time-space continuum and replaces them by another who never had the chance of life.

The Inquisitor

One day, he reaches also the Red Dwarf crew. He possesses Lister to speak through him to the crew and controls their vehicle. He then judges Lister, Rimmer, the Cat and Kryten by their own analysis of themselves. The Cat and Rimmer are find to have self-contentedness and so low standards they couldn't live worthier. However, Lister and Kryten could, so they are concluded to waste their lives and sentenced to be erased. Luckily, they are saved by a future version of Kryten who cuts off The Inquisitor's hand with gauntlet. The Inquisitor then attacks him and his victims escape meanwhile with the gauntlet.

Lister and Kryten run through the ship, only to be caught by Rimmer, the Cat their two alternatives who don't know them. Unfortunately, The Inquisitor who gets new gauntlet somehow, finds them and gradually kills two alternatives, Rimmer and the Cat. Lister is then able to freeze The Inquisitor. Kryten reprogrammed the gauntlet before sending himself back in time. Meanwhile, Lister hangs The Inquisitor over a very deep chasm, then saves his life and returns the gauntlet to him, hoping he won't erase him. However, The Inquisitor realizes if Lister is erased, he won't exist to end his life. He sets off his gauntlet that backfires and destroys the Inquisitor himself, erasing the deaths of the crew and every other action he has ever committed from history.


  • In opposite of the Red Dwarf crew, The Inquisitor's previous victim named Thomas Allman isn't given a chance to justify his existence before being replaced. That is in contradiction with his willing to give each individual a fair trial.