The Jackal is the main antagonist of Far Cry 2. The player character took a contract to assassinate him, but The Jackal proves to be a worthy opponent.

Personality and background

The Jackal is highly cunning, very intelligent and is a Nihilist, he often quotes Friedrich Nietzsche. He is always one step ahead of his enemies. Little is known about The Jackals background, except he was born in the USA and served in the Navy, which led him to smuggle arms in many countries in Africa leading to his criminal career.


Throughout Far Cry 2, the Jackal is given many opportunities to kill the player character but refuses to, either out of respect, out of confidence or because he thought he could use them later on. In the end of the game, he tells the player character he changed his views. The Jackal and the player character ally to prevent the UFLL and the APR from following escaping refugees. The Jackal was presumed to be dead, but his body was never found.


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