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Do you really want to save him? Do you really want to save his life?
~ The Kidnapper

The Kidnapper is the main antagonist of the 2007 South Korean live action film Voice of a Murderer. He is a cold-hearted and cruel individual who kidnaps a 9-year-old boy, Han Sang-woo, from a playground for profit.

He was portrayed by Kang Dong-won.


After abducting 9-year-old Han Sang-woo, the only son of well-known DBC news anchor Han Kyung-bae, from the playground near his apartment complex late at night and later makes his demands via phone call:  100 Grand before warning if they do not follow any one of his rules their son dies. Han's wife (despite being told not to do so) secretly reports the kidnapping to the police when her husband goes to make the exchange, and he unwittingly blows the assigned undercover officer's (Detective Kim) cover and the kidnapper changes the money drop to another day and threatens to hurt the boy. After failing to arrest the kidnapper and rescue Sang-woo, the police start a secret foresnics-investigation unit with Kim assigned to lead it. 

The police only seem to bungle the case as evidenced by their inabilitiy to trace phone calls from the unidentified kidnapper and failure to set up traps to take him down. After weeks of torturous phone calls and complicating instructions, not to mention false promises, the boy's lifeless body is found near the Han River. 


  • The Kidnapper is based on the suspect(s) of the Kidnapping of Hyung-ho Lee in 1991, an infamous unsolved criminal case in South Korea.
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