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Excuse us for buttin' in.
~ The Leader after killing Mikasa's father.

The Kidnappers are minor antagonists in Attack on Titan. They were a group of thugs that had hidden connections with criminals from the Underground market. They were planning on kidnapping Mikasa and her mother so they could be sold into sex slavery. They directly caused the death of both Mikasa's parents and despite their short appearance in the show, they had an important impact on Mikasa Ackerman's character and Eren Yeager's worldview.


The appearance of each kidnapper is different from the other.

The Leader

The leader appears to be a small man with a short, dark brown beard. His hair hides under a grey wool cap. He wears a black jacket with a light grey button-up shirt under it.

The Axe-man

This kidnapper is presumably the oldest of the trio and also the tallest. He appears to be quite thin and lanky, but can give an intimidating presence. He has short dirty blonde hair and a short mustache. He wears a green jacket and a black shirt under it, as well as a brown scarf.

The Latecomer

The latecomer is seemingly the youngest and the most well dressed. He wears a simple black suit and tie, with a white shirt underneath. He has short brown hair that he keeps shaven to resemble something like a flattop.



In the year 844, when Mikasa Ackerman was nine years old at the time, her parents were talking about when Grisha Yeager was going to arrive when they suddenly hear a knock on the door. Mikasa's father opens it and welcomes Mr. Yeager, but is immediately stabbed by the person at the door. As Mr. Ackerman falls to the floor Mikasa and her mother look confused to what is going on. The Leader of the three kidnappers comfortably walks in with his accomplices. When the Axe holding man starts threatening them Mikasa's mother attempted to fight back against him and yells to Mikasa that she has to run, but the man holding the axe looses his patience and struck his axe into her shoulder, killing her. This causes The Leader of the group to angrily berate him, because their plan was to only kill the father. He then orders the Axe-Man to take Mikasa with them. He walks to Mikasa and tells her not to retaliate, he punches her in the face and knocks her unconscious.

After some hours pass, The Leader and the Axe-Man sought refuge in an abandoned cabin. The leader asks his accomplice to look at Mikasa and tell him what she's worth. The man replies she's cute but not really his type because of her age. The Leader then tells that not only are there plenty enough people from the Underground market that would be interested in having her, Mikasa is from the Oriental clan, and is supposedly the last of her kind within the Walls. He explains that because of her race and the rarity of it in the Walls, they would be able to obtain an extra high price if they sold her to Sex Slavers in the Underground market. The Axe-Man arrogantly responds that because her father wasn't an Oriental, therefore Mikasa isn't of pure-blood so they won't get that much of an extra prize out of her. The leader angrily replies that the mother would have been the real deal, because she was of pure blood, but know that isn't because she's in "pieces". While the Axe-Man tries to defend himself, Mikasa slowly comes back to consciousness.

Before their argument can continue, Eren, who had with his father discovered the bodies of the Ackermann family a couple of hours ago, arrived at the cabin. The Axe-Man angrily lashes out at him asking how he found their hiding spot. Eren pretends that he is lost in the forest and he isn't able find his way back. The axe-man looks at The Leader who gives a hand gesture that he needs to make Eren go away. He begins to console Eren in order to get rid of him, but he is stabbed by him in his throat while he is off his guard. The Leader jumps up from his chair from shock and Eren walks out of the room and closes the door. The Leader angrily runs out the room with an axe in his hand but, Eren took another knife tied it to a broomstick and impales the leader through his shoulder. While they both fall back into the room again Eren jumps onto the leader's belly and begins furiously stabbing him repeatedly in the chest while screaming that this is what he deserves.

As The Leader lies dead on the floor Eren unties Mikasa, but she tells him that there was a third kidnapper with them. Suddenly the door opens and we see The Latecomer who just arrived at the cabin, shocked at the sight of his dead accomplices. He kicks Eren across the room, before he can grab a knife and begins to strangle Eren in a fit of rage. Eren while slowly loosing consciousness tells Mikasa to fight. She grabs Eren's knife, fearfully standing still not knowing what to do. Until she experiences an "Ackermann Awakening", giving her the focus and power to rush at the kidnapper and stab the man in the back, piercing his heart. The bodies of the three kidnappers were later discovered by Military Police that Eren's father had alerted, shocked that a couple of kids were capable of this.

Battle of Trost Dstrict

While Eren is carrying the giant boulder in his titan form, he starts to talk about how every person was born with the gift of freedom and that people who are trying to take that away don't matter, (While saying this Eren thinks to the moment when he attacked the leader of the Kidnappers.)

War for Paradise arc

While Mikasa locks Louise in her jail cell. She asks Mikasa why she joined the Survey Corps, as she thinks that it's because of Eren. Mikasa tells her to not talk about it. As she walks away she suddenly starts to get painful headaches and thinks back to her memory of Eren stabbing the Leader of the kidnappers to death along with Eren then walking to Mikasa saying the everything will be fine.


Despite being three separate people, the kidnappers have a lot of similar character traits; They all seemed to share the same amount cruelty and inhumanity. They didn't seem to have any problem using brute force to get what they want and having no remorse for their extreme actions or what could have possibly happened to Mikasa. Seemingly having no morals if it meant being granted with a large reward. This extreme lack of empathy caused them to commit brutal acts that as a result heavily traumatizing a young Mikasa and damaged the worldview of a young Eren Yeager.

The Leader

The leader appears to be the most rational one of the three. Trying to keep being objective and looking at his plan with care, but when something went wrong with said plan he quickly lost his composure; like when the Axe-Man impulsively killed Mikasa's mother. Despite his stoic demeanor, he had no care for the pain Mikasa went trough and the times when he did comment on the inhumane actions he was only concerned that his plan would go wrong and that he wouldn't be able to make money. He seems further on to be quite detached around others, speaking with little emotion (expect for when he's angry.) and often having an uncaring expression on his face.

He does seem to be a bit knowledgeable; knowing about the history of the Oriental bloodline where Mikasa and her mother stemmed from, even tough he believed that most people knew about this, information about specific bloodlines wasn't actually known to the population.

The Axe-man

The Axe-Man is the most straightforward and dangerous of the three. He can be best described as being the personification of vicious impulsivity. When he got attacked by Mikasa's mother he murdered her despite the fact that he could have also just knock her unconscious, he only listens to what comes to him in his head and then immediately does it, instead of thinking the best course of action through. He is also rather brash and blunt in his way of speaking not showing much concern how his actions can cause problems for their plan and this creates a small argument between him and the leader.

Despite his cruel nature, he does seem to be capable of taking a peaceful approach to handling things; when a young Eren Yeager pretended as though he was lost and couldn't find his way out of the forest, the Axe-Man started speaking in a more nice and calm way in order to make Eren leave their cabin.

The Latecomer

Although The Latecomer is the least characterized of the three and has least amount of screen time. He gives the impression of being quite reckless and hot-headed. When he found both of his companions dead he was overwhelmed with rage and tried to strangle Eren to death. As he started to strangle him Eren was trying to get Mikasa to kill him, however he didn't seem to care about Mikasa at that point and was only focused on Eren because of his anger. This eventually gave Mikasa the opportunity to stab him in the back with a knife killing him.


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