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The Killer is an unseen main antagonist in the 2006 direct-to-video horror film Rest Stop, and in the 2008 horror film sequel Rest Stop: Don't Look Back, who is known as The Driver. He is a stalking serial killer who preys on Nicole after torturing her boyfriend, Jess Hilts, killing anyone who gets in his way, and he tortures kidnappers inside the abandoned yellow bus for his own, personal snuff film, often in the most sadistic manner, and was shown to get away from police. While he was almost never fully shown in the first movie, he does make his full appearance in the sequel.

In Rest Stop, he was portrayed by Nick Orefice as The Killer, while in Rest Stop: Don't Look Back, he was portrayed by Brionne Davis as The Driver.


The Killer/The Driver doesn't speak at all, but its shown that he takes extreme pleasure in stalking and harassing his victims before kidnapping them, often torturing and killing them in a gruesome fashion. Once he sets his sights on his victims, he seems to always appear from out of nowhere and takes a sadistic delight in toying with their victims' minds. And while not heard, he lied to Officer Michael Deacon before running him over and crippling his legs in the process. He was also shown to be a cannibal, as evidenced when he bit Nicole's finger off to prevent her from escaping the restroom.

What stands out is that he has been kidnapping his victims (which also includes children) for years without so much as getting caught from authorities, and while he is human, he seems to possess unnatural abilities that make him vanish and then reappear in front of their victims out of thin air, evidenced by having suddenly bitten off Nicole's finger from out of nowhere after having seemingly driving off, and later reappearing right in front of her after his truck explodes. In addition, he was able to avoid getting shot by Nicole, even though she didn't missed her shot.


The Killer (or The Driver) is almost physically never seen, appearing middle-aged and looking untidy in terms of his clothing, and his truck, despite looking decrepit, runs perfectly well despite being damaged and blown up.


Rest Stop

The Driver first appears stalking the couple, Jess and Nicole, who are driving around an undisclosed highway in California, almost driving them off the road which provoked Jess but drives off before Jess confronted the driver. After pulling over at a Rest Stop, Nicole comes back to see that both Jess and his car had mysteriously disappeared. Throughout her searches, she was being stalked by The Killer in the sixth-generation Ford F-Series, often toying with her before driving off. Later, Jess' car had appeared, parked inside. Nicole desperately tries to get it started to no avail, and The Killer, who was waiting for her, began to ram his car with her inside of it. He rams it again as the car began to become severely damaged before Nicole narrowly escapes.

The bulletin reveals many of the missing victims, which also included children, from years ago, which indicate that The Killer had been kidnapping his victims (and even torturing and killing them) without ever getting caught for years on end without getting caught. When she returns to the same rest stop, Tracy Kress, the victim who had been missing since 1971, had been explaining about being tortured and that The Killer's hideout was an abandoned, yellow bus that serves as his torture room. As she began to vomit blood, Nicole tries to get help but as she comes back, Tracy had suddenly vanished, blood and all.

Later, Officer Michael Deacon, who had received a call for help, arrives outside of the park ranger with Nicole pleading for help. Deacon was skeptical at this and didn't bought Nicole's story about The Killer and went to have a brief conversation with him. As Deacon explains to Nicole that The Killer was "lost", The Killer then U-turns and runs Deacon over by hitting him with his truck. As Nicole tries to pull the injured Deacon to safety, The Killer, obviously showing glimpses of sadism, runs over Deacon's legs, severely crippling him. He then hooks around Deacon's police bike and drives off with it, completely damaging it in the process and forcing Nicole to retreat back to the restroom with a severely-injured Deacon in tow.

The Killer then ties the restroom door shut, preventing Nicole from making her escape. As Nicole pries the doorknob off, she tries to untie the wire before The Killer, despite having seemingly driven off, appears out of seemingly nowhere and grabs Nicole's arm, biting off her finger in the process. Shortly afterwards, The Killer returns and drops a video camera, showing Jess being sadistically tortured by The Killer himself with a knife, and cuts off Jess' tongue in the last shot. The Killer then proceeds to pour a large amount of gasoline inside the restroom, intent to burn both of them alive. Despite Nicole's efforts, none of the shots seem to hit The Killer at all despite having clear shots. With little ammunition remaining, Nicole is forced to shoot Deacon as a mercy kill through his head. Surprisingly, Deacon is still breathing after a seemingly fatal shot before Nicole delivers a second, killing blow, putting Deacon out of his misery. As she makes her escape from the burning restroom, Deacon's body suddenly vanishes out of thin air.

Nicole hides from The Killer for a brief moment before approaching behind him and attacks him and seemingly killing him. However, she was horrified to discover that it was Jess she inadvertently killed, his mouth sewn shut from his tongue being cut off, before The Killer, who had baited her into killing him, gets into his truck and drives off.

The next day, Nicole returns to the park ranger and grabs an empty glass bottle and gets underneath the car as to fill it up with gasoline as to make it into a Molotov cocktail. She sees The Killer driving down the road towards her, and despite her failed attempts, she lights it onto the rag and tosses it onto the truck. Engulfed in flames, The Killer veers the truck into a spin before explodes, seemingly killing him. Upon closer inspection however, Nicole turns around, seeing that The Killer had survived and it cuts off, likely indicating that The Killer had abducted and tortured her.

The unnamed, woman driver was then seen arriving at the same rest stop, which had been renovated after an attack, entering inside before seeing Nicole, who had been tortured to near death. She runs off to alert the sheriff that Nicole's inside the janitor office. Upon arriving, however, Nicole was nowhere to be seen. Bewildered, they leave the restroom. However, Nicole re-emerges, gradually vomiting blood from her mouth.

The Killer, inside the truck which was fully repaired for unknown reasons, was seen driving off into the highway, likely getting away with his crimes.

Rest Stop: Don't Look Back

The Driver (or the Killer) is first seen with his truck having no fuel left in it and hitchhiked inside an RV occupied by unnamed individuals, with the Mother flirting with the Killer (or Driver) by having sexual intercourse. Later that night, however, the Father catches him having sexual intercourse with the Mother, and had The Killer tied up to the table, where he was mutilated and then gruesomely killed by the murderous family. Shortly afterwards, Father was about to bury his dead body before The Driver appeared out of nowhere and brutally murders the Father and his family as an act of revenge, which would explain gaining unnatural abilities in being able to appear in and out of seemingly nowhere.

Although he exacted his revenge on the twisted family, he went on a mass kidnapping spree by abducting countless victims, often torturing and killing them in a gruesome manner. A year later after the disappearance of Jesse and Nicole, Jesse's brother Tom returned from his service in Iraq in search for his brother, accompanied by his girlfriend Marilyn and Nicole's friend Jared. Along the way, however, they were stalked by the same killer, one instance knocking the bathroom stall with Jared in it.

While Marilyn was in the rest stop bathroom, Tom was abducted by The Killer, intent on taking him inside the abandoned bus as to torture him by drilling his leg, though Tom manages to escape when The Killer was gone. He went underground and found Jesse who was locked up in the cage. Though after rescuing him, Jesse had strangely vanished, revealing to be a ghost. Marilyn and Jared had also discovered that Nicole was actually a ghost and set off to find Tom. Unfortunately, The Killer had set up a trap and lured the two inside the shed, finding the Store Clerk tied up.

When Jared awakens, he was tied up around the neck with a chain leash by The Driver. The Store Clerk explains to Jared that Marilyn needs to be "cleansed" from her sins by drilling her, but when Jared refused, The Driver cut his right eye off and forcing him to torture her. Tom arrives at the gas station to find Marilyn, who was tortured by Jared against his will but still alive, and leave the gas station with Marilyn and Jared. It was revealed that, from the Store Clerk's explanation, they need to burn the eyeballs to rid The Driver for good. They arrive at the abandoned motorhome in search for the eyeballs.

Tom arms himself with an assault rifle when The Driver makes his way towards them. He fires a couple of shots at the truck, and then seemingly killing him with a pistol. However, The Driver unknowingly survives and attacks Tom and Marilyn. As Jared searches for the eyeballs, the Twins were inside the motorhome and had barricaded themselves inside, and Scotty reveals that the Twins have the Driver's eyeballs. He lights up the flammable liquid with a match which then blows up the motorhome, and causing The Driver to vanish just as he's about to kill Tom.

On the way home, however, Jared notices Nicole's picture from the window visor having disappeared. He was then crashed head-on just as he's about to warn Tom.

The next day, Tom ponders about Jared's disappearance and muses to Marilyn, who was crying. When Tom asks her what's wrong, she responds with "You should have saved me.". Tom asks what she was talking about before The Driver, having survived and emerged out of nowhere, was revving the engine, with Marilyn appearing in the passenger seat. He rushes out to the empty highway, seeing that both The Driver and Marilyn having disappeared, with Tom realizing that Marilyn was dead.

The Driver is then seen driving down a different highway, getting away with his crimes once again.


  • In both movies, he is seen driving the sixth-generation Ford F-Series (though in the climax of the first film, it was switched to the fifth generation Ford F-Series), and the license plate is KZL-303, and its paint color is white and yellow. Despite that it was damaged when The Killer was ramming Jess' Chrysler LeBaron, it was in perfect condition for unknown reasons (even after it was blown up by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Nicole). It might also possess unnatural abilities like The Killer/The Driver himself.
  • Although seemingly human, he seems to have supernatural powers that make him not human, such as appearing out of thin air and biting off Nicole's finger while she was trying to break free, and had somehow gotten out of the truck when it was on fire and exploded, showing almost no injuries whatsoever and abducted (and likely tortured) Nicole. And because he also doesn't speak at all, he might've masked his true voice when speaking with Nicole via CB radio. It might hint that he's a demonic entity though this has never been explained or revealed in any of the two movies.
  • While The Killer had no speaking role at all in the first film, he does have a speaking role in the second film (albeit briefly), and his full appearance can be seen throughout.