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The King of Town is a major character in Homestar Runner. While often considered harmless by most of the cast at times, he has had some villainous moments.

He served as a recurring obstacle for Strong Bad in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and is even the main antagonist of Strong Badia The Free.


The King of Town dons a crown and a red robe. He has a white face with a beard and a mustache. Like a few characters in the universe of Homestar Runner, he has no visible arms or legs.


Homestar Ruiner

When Strong Bad finds out about a race that Homestar is in, he steals the athletes clothes with intent on taking part in the race as him. Homestar, unable to find his clothes, runs out where he is noticed by the King of Town, who declares Homestar to be wanted for streaking in front of him, even saying this to Strong Bad (who is disguised as Homestar in the moment).

At first, Strong Bad is fine with this until he finds out that Homestar has chosen to take refuge into his house not only because of the criminal record the king has on him, but also for his loss in the race and his breakup with Marzipan, prompting Strong Bad to put Homestar's life back together in order to get him to leave.

Due to Marzipan being to angry to speak to Homestar directly, Strong Bad instead opts to give her chocolates. However, everytime he places a box in front of her door, The King of Town come in and eats the chocolates himself before Marzipan can see them. Because of this, Strong Bad sets up a trap for the King to fall into as a means of making sure he doesn't interfere. Upon falling into the trap, the King finds himself in an arrange marriage with a mole queen.

If that wasn't enough, Strong Bad also breaks into the King of Town's castle and gets past the Poopsmith and Strong Mad to steal Homestar's criminal record. With the criminal record gone, the King of Town is unable to remember the charges he had on Homestar.

The King is later seen at Homestar's party which is held at Strong Bad's house snacking on all of the pizza and a banana, which Strong Bad uses to get everybody out of his house. Post game, the King of Town threatens to tax Strong Bad should Strong Bad talk to him.

Strong Badia the Free

The King of Town makes good on his threat from the previous episode by establishing an email tax and breaking into Strong Bad's house demanding him to pay in creamy ding snack cakes. When Strong Bad doesn't pay, the King has him placed under house arrest. Angered by the King's actions, Strong Bad gets the protestors outside his house to burn down the fence keeping him from leaving and then declaring war on the King of Town.

After taking over the nations that the rest of the cast formed, Strong Bad takes his newly formed army to attack the King of Town, who surrenders immediately and gives his thrown to Strong Bad. Strong Bad immediately takes a disliking to being king and upon checking the King of Town's computer, finds out he was tricked by the king into taking over while the King takes over Strong Bad's life.

With a new goal of getting the King back on the throne, Strong Bad sends an email declaring tax on creamy ding snack cakes. Upon getting the email, the King of Town angrily declares war on Strong Bad. However, the King's army is so bad the Strong Bad's is able to beat them easily. As such, Strong Bad flips the board to help the King get past his army until the King of Town manages to get back into the castle, take back the throne, and repeal both taxes. The moment Strong Bad leaves, the King quickly realizes that he just fell for the same trick he pulled on Strong Bad.

Miscellaneous Appearances

The King of Town has had a few minor antagonistic appearances thoughout the series. He is the main antagonist of the game "Revenge of the King" where he and Strong Bad take part in a fight. If the King wins, Strong Bad is lowered into the Poopsmith's pile of whatsit. If Strong Bad wins, the King of Town is lowered into a pool of butter, which the King is not too shaken up about.

In the email "suntan", the King of Town finds Strong Bad sunbathing. While having a brief chat with Strong Bad, the King steals Strong Bad's cocoa butter and animal phat from under his nose.


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