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The Kingdom is a large group made up of fanatical Vampires from the Spawn series led by Simon Pure.


Many years ago, a traveler was taken in by a man who had lost everything in a storm. The traveler was offered all that the man had left. In return the traveler have him a chalice that would grant eternal life when one drank from it. Since then, these people have walked the earth. Called names such as vampires. They bids their time until they will take over the earth

Most recently, the vampire cult was led by Simon Pure, a particularly religious zealot who took it upon himself to initiate the prophesized "cleansing". He created an army of 777 vampire warriors to begin their assault on mankind in NY. The warriors' eyes were blinded by Pure, but they were gifted with a "second sight" which allowed them to see sinners marked with an "S" on their foreheads.

Simon sent the army into the city to slaughter all the sinners, but his plan was foiled when Spawnabsorbed all of New York's sins into himself. The Kingdom was lured into a trap in which Spawn turned Simon's own followers against him and tricked them into sinning against their own. They were all then sent to Hell through a doorway created by the demons Ab and Zab.It's revealed that Simon Pure had a relative named Solomon Pure who is still active and an ally of Bludd a fellow vampire.


  • Simon Pure (leader)
  • Dawn
  • Lucas
  • Solomon Pure
  • Max Williams
  • And 777 vampires
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