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For the KNIGHT has appeared.
~ King
~ Jevil after being Pacified.
~ Jevil after being defeated by FIGHTing.

The Knight is the main antagonist of the 2018 Indie game Deltarune; they served as the unseen overarching antagonist of the first two chapters, and it is most likely that they will appear in a later chapter as an antagonist. The Knight is the creator of the Eastern Dark Fountain, which slowly disrupted the balance between Light and Dark, which would end in the world being torn apart, the Knight is also the reason of the King's fall into tyranny and villainy and possibly the reason of Jevil's fall into madness and insanity.


The Knight's appearance is currently unknown, as it has not appeared yet in the game itself, only having been mentioned. However, it could be presumed that it resembles a knight given its name.


Most of the Knight's personality is unknown, however it has been shown to be manipulative, seeing as the King now devoutly champions that if the balance of Light and Dark is shifted to the Dark then the Darkners will rule the world in spite of the consequences of what would truly happen if they did.

So far, it is believed that the Knight has an effect on others which causes them to lose their sanity or free will. The former is shown by how he is said to be the one responsible for driving Jevil insane, and the latter is suggested in that he has controlled the King to give him his loyalty and follow his orders without question.



Under mysterious circumstances, Jevil encountered the Knight, after which Jevil became insane, eventually being imprisoned by Seam at the besets of the kings. However, the Knight eventually turned King to his side and used his power to imprison the other kings in the dungeon underneath Card Castle. Some time preceding this, the Knight created the Eastern Dark Fountain, which served to disrupt the balance of Light and Dark. Once this was all done, the Knight entrusted King to defending the Eastern Dark Fountain, departing promptly after.

Chapter 1

The Knight does not make a physical appearance in the demo, but it is referenced by four characters, Seam, the (unnamed) diamond king, Jevil, and King himself, each informing Kris, Ralsei, and Susie on how the Knight has impacted the Dark World. Seam is the first character that is able to mention the Knight to the party, explaining how he placed King and his son into power. He also states that Jevil had an encounter with a "mysterious someone" implied to be the Knight. Soon after, he began saying things that didn't completely make sense, viewing the world as a game and all as its participants. Seam was eventually ordered by the 4 kings to imprison Jevil, which he succeeded in doing. One of the imprisoned kings (presumably that of diamonds) recounts that the Knight's arrival was a catalyst for immense change. Jevil mentions the Knight twice, with each mention corresponding of your method of neutralizing him. If defeated through pacifying, Jevil says that the Lightners shall have a nightmare awaken in their hearts "in the shadow of the Knight's hand...". If overcome through FIGHTing, Jevil will proclaim that the Knight's hand is drifting ever closer. King describes the Knight during his boss fight, attesting that the Knight's appearance has filled the void of purpose in Darkners that took hold once the Lightners abandoned them.

Chapter 2

The Knight is responsible for creating the fountain and the dark world inside the library. Queen describes them as someone who pulls fountains from the earth with their blade but overall not much information is given


  • Despite being a knight, the Knight is in a higher hierarchy than King, the ruler of the Dark World.
  • The Knight is referred to as "My Knight" by King, similar to how a monarch's subjects refer to them by "My Liege".
    • This shows that the Knight is superior to King in status and hierarchy.
  • The Knight is described as the only character powerful enough to create fountains by King in chapter 1, but Queen mentions anyone with determination could do it.
  • Jevil says that the Knight will bring about Queen's return in chapter 1, far before Queen was introduced.
  • The Knight's hand is mentioned a strange amount of times, what significance the knight's hand has in comparison to the rest of their (possible) body is unknown.
  • While not confirmed at this time, it is highly theorized that Kris, the main protagonist, may actually be the Knight themself, as they seemingly create a new fountain at the end of Chapter 2 and in the Dark World, they do wear armor reminiscent of a knight.


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