Kraang's speculation of finding the turtles sooner than later was correct. Kraang rules.
~ A Kraang after spotting the turtles at the docks in the 2012 series.
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The Kraang are an alien species that act as one of the main antagonistic forces and one of the  central antagonists in the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). Eventually, they chose to become allies of The Shredder. They pilot robot androids. Like Krang, the Kraang's home world is Dimension X, and they also have a fortress called the Technodrome. They are an homage to Krang and the Utroms. All of the Kraang are voiced by Nolan North.

They were involved in the creation of the mutagen that turned the title protagonists into mutant turtles. They launched invasions on New York in the finales to Season 1 and Season 2, managing to take over the city in Season 2.

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