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With graceful restraint, The Lady casts the hypnotic spell that keeps the engine running. Amidst the chaos of the world outside, The Maw is the only place that makes sense, and now this rumor of an escaped child threatens everything. Nothing can be allowed to interfere. The guests must eat. The Maw must survive.
~ The official desrption of the Lady.

The Lady, also referred to as the The Governess in the game's files, is the main antagonist of the 2017 indie horror video game Little Nightmares and its DLC campaign Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw. She's a powerful being that watches over The Maw, known to be "it's heart". She spends most of her time in her quarters, and she has little patience for unwanted visitors who disrupt her privacy. If she catches said trespasser, she will use her powers to turn them into a Nome.


The Lady is the leader of The Maw, a giant submarine-like ship that prepares large amounts of food for The Guests to feast upon. When asked by fans if she was a prisoner there, the creators responded that "she belongs there". Like The Thin Man, she is less grotesque than the other humanoids in the game and possessed an immense amount of power. There are a handful of things implied about the Lady. For starters, she has the ability to consume souls, and it is hinted at that she eats the souls of the Guests as they are "never heard from again" after boarding the Maw. After Six absorbed her powers, she gained this abilities as well.

In the prequel, the main antagonist (Mono) was in some way connected to The Thin Man, possessing the same powers as him and absorbing the man himself leading to his demise. Later, at the end of the game, Six betrayed him and left him alone in the Signal Tower to sit in a chair for years and slowly turn into The Thin Man, or at least a character that looks like him. This implies that the man's existence is a never ending cycle where Mono is destined to become the Thin Man. It is also heavily implied that Six is The Lady, for a number of reasons. For starters, she ends up taking the Lady's powers, and is never truly seen "leaving" the Maw at the end of the game. In addition, a portrait of The Lady can be found standing with someone that looks like Six, and a character in a yellow raincoat can be found in the The Twin Chefs' quarters.

The Lady, seen examining her reflection in disgust.

One of the Lady's key characteristics is her insecurity. In the final DLC of the game, we find that when looking in a mirror she has a very deformed face which causes her to emit distressed noises. Being spotted causes her to chase after the child and turn them into a gnome. Ninety percent of the mirrors found in her quarters are cracked or shattered. In fact, she is seen doing her hair in a broken mirror. She is defeated when Six uses a functioning mirror to shine in her face, which weakens her to a point where she is able to eat the Lady's powers.

The Lady has been eluted to having many different connections to many different characters. Her quarters are littered with tone of paintings of many different people that have both appeared in the game and that have not. Characters that have been seen include The Granny, The Ferryman, The Teacher, The Doctor, The Bullies, her employees, and even some characters that have been given titles but have not yet been seen in the game. In the comic series, The Ferryman and the Lady's relationship are illustrated on multiple occasions, having himself appear in one of her mask's eyeholes. The Ferryman's duty is to bring children from around the world to the Maw to be made into meals, so this may just be an employment relationship.

The Lady's past is vastly unknown, but some of her habits and decor make hints at it. In the DLC, we see that she has a doll collection, and she takes the time to cradle them and treat them like babies. When participating in certain activities, she will murmur a song under her breath with so happens to also be the game's main theme. Her quarters are also filled with vast amounts of books for her to read, but no televisions (further emphasizing her possible discourse with The Thin Man). Also for some odd reason, her quarters are filled with naked mannequins that are about the same size as her, but they don't seem to be used for clothing.

When hearing that there is an intruder in her presence, her first instinct will depend on the intruder's proximity to her. If she is able to see them by turning around, then she will kill them on the spot using her powers. If not, she she will dip into the shadows and escape to another part of her living space. After doing so she will stock the character, moving from one corner to the other, hiding herself among the many mannequins. She never attacks them physically, rather uses her abilities to turn them into gnomes.


The Lady is an unnaturally tall and slender woman with long, raven-black hair that she keeps partially wrapped in a bun. She is adorned in a long and dark brown kimono, which seems to trail moderately behind her when she walks. Her face is perpetually covered by a white porcelain mask that conceals her true appearance, through which two lifeless black eyes stare out. In spite of nearly all of her body being covered, the skin on her neck seems to be a pale mocha color. She is intimidatingly poised and proper in disposition, carrying herself with a sinister purpose.


Little Nightmares Comic Series

Issue 1

In Issue 1, The Lady makes a cameo appearance walking down a hallway and then taking off her mask. In her right eye appears a boat which holds The Ferryman and Six. The text on the panel reads "what is she hiding? What has she seen?".

Issue 2

She makes a cameo appearance in the second issue in the very last panel as the text reads, "who knows what will look back". This is because her back is turned to Six as she enters her room.

Little Nightmares

Like most of the game's characters and events, the Lady's role and biography is a mystery. She is the owner of The Maw, the ship in which the game takes place. At the begin of the game, the Lady is seen glaring at the protagonist but is then not encountered again until the last part of the game. However, several mysterious shrines that can be found throughout the Maw in her honor.

After Six has ventured through the kitchen, she eventually escapes through a trail of meat hooks and is delivered into a higher area - the actual restaurant. There, she encounters the Lady once more. While Six climbs up, she sees the Lady watching from a balcony as a group of glutton customers comes onto her ship to feed. While escaping said customers, Six eventually enters the Lady's private domains. She sees the Lady entering her private elevator but the Lady, in turn, does not see Six. Six follows into the quarters where the Lady is standing in front of a broken mirror, brushing her hair. Six sneaks past her into the Lady's bedroom but breaks a vase, alerting the Lady to her presence. Although the Lady immediately stops humming, she does not enter the living room to search for the sounds origin. Instead, she simply vanishes.

However, she later ambushes Six as Six walks though a dark hall lit with mannequins. The Lady wails and hovers, pursuing Six who manages to squeeze through a gap and temporarily evades the Lady. However, the Lady swiftly finds Six again in the ship's attic. A battle between Six and the Lady ensues which Six wins by reflecting a beam of light with the sole remaining unbroken mirror on the ship. When the light hits the Lady, she winces in pain and dissolves, only to attack again soon after. As the Lady uses the darkness to her advantage, she attempts to attack Six from different sides.

Eventually, the Lady is too weakened from the mirror and falls to the floor in pain. While she lies on the floor twitching, Six is overcome by her hunger once more and slowly approaches her fallen enemy. Six then proceeds to sink her teeth into the Lady's neck, killing her and feasting on her flesh. After the Lady's death, Six is consumed by the dark energy used by the Lady. With the Lady's powers, Six proceeds to coldy slaughter all The Lady's customers and guests on the ship, taking their life energy and absorbing it, in an act of hatred and revenge for the torture she has been put through. She then leaves the Maw, leaving all the corpses behind.

Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw

"The Hideaway"

At the very end of the "The Hideaway" chapter, the Runaway Child escapes onto the top of an elevator that she happens to be riding. The camera slowly pans down to reveal her being facing the wall, and then it fades to black.

"The Residence"

In the "The Residence" chapter, the Runaway Child explores the Lady's residence. She is first seen nurturing a baby doll in her hands in front of a mirror. The child must sneak by her or she will catch him.

She is not seen for a while after this until the child enters a hallway filled with rooms with drapes for doors. Eventually, he reaches a room where the lady is staring at herself in the mirror. The mirror reveals her to have a grotesque troll-like face. She quickly notices the child, screams, and then disappears. As the child runs from her in the halls, she will hide among mannequins that resemble her and at the end of hallways. Rather than catching him, she just seems to stalk him until he reaches a room where she lifts him off of the floor with her powers. She slowly emerges from a dark doorway and continues to hold him in her powers, making his body disfigured until the scene fades to black. When it fades back in, she is gone and the child is now a Gnome.

Powers and Abilities

The Lady is arguably the most powerful enemy that Six faced in the game. In addition to her authority over the Maw, she possesses following abilities:

  • Shadow Magic: The Lady's most infamous ability is magically manipulating shadows and darkness around her. She has demonstrated the ability to manipulate darkness can be used for either attacking, defending herself, or as the medium for her spells.
    • Shadow Teleportation: The Lady demonstrated the ability to disappear and reappear possibly out of darkness at will. She used this ability to ambush Six as the latter exploring her closet.
    • Darkness Camouflage: The Lady can seamlessly blend in with the shadows of a dark room until she chooses to strike.
    • Shadow Tendrils: The Lady can project tendrils out of darkness resembling wispy black smoke which acts as the conduit for her other spells.
    • Shadow Children Creation/Conjuration: It is implied that the Shadow Children who infested her personal library are creatures conjured by the Lady herself, since they don white masks similar to hers.
  • Life Absorption: The Lady can steal the life force of other beings, usually through her conjured Shadow Tendrils. This is among the abilities that Six acquired after killing and eating her, as well as the same spell that Six used to massacre the guests of the Maw as she leaves.
  • Nome Conversion: Another spell that she can use through her shadow tendrils is transforming others into Nomes, as demonstrated with the Runaway Kid whom she turned into the same Nome who then devoured by Six.

Despite her immense powers, the Lady has a few weaknesses. Her dark magic seems to have corrupted her soul: despite having a beautiful physical face, her reflection is grotesque. To avoid seeing her face reflected, she wears a mask and breaks her mirrors out of disgust. She also cannot withstand strong light reflected by the special mirror that Six used against her - repeated exposure severely weakened her and eventually brought her to her knees.





  • The Lady can be seen first in an Easter egg involving the secret eye room that spies on different parts of the Maw.
  • Before the third DLC's release, the Lady's model in the game's code showed her face to be normal.
    • It also shows in the files that her disfigured face is that of The Granny.
  • The Lady makes a cameo appearance in Very Little Nightmares as a jack-in-the-box.

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