The Lady

The Lady (also referred to by fans as The Geisha) is a mysterious character in the 2017 video game Little Nightmares. She serves as the main antagonist.


With graceful restraint, The Lady casts the hypnotic spell that keeps the engine running. Amidst the chaos of the world outside, The Maw is the only place that makes sense, and now this rumor of an escaped child threatens everything. Nothing can be allowed to interfere. The guests must eat. The Maw must survive.


The Lady is an unnaturally tall and slender woman with long, raven-black hair that she keeps partially wrapped in a bun. She is adorned in a long and dark brown kimono, which seems to trail moderately behind her when she walks. Her face is perpetually covered by a white porcelain mask that conceals her true appearance, through which two lifeless black eyes stare out. In spite of nearly all of her body being covered, the skin on her neck seems to be a pale mocha color. She is intimidatingly poised and proper in disposition, carrying herself with a sinister purpose.


Like most of the game's characters and events, the Lady's role and biography is a mystery. She is the owner of The Maw, the ship in which the game takes place. In her rooms, photos of the game's protagonist Six can be found which hints at a relationship between the two. At the begin of the game, the Lady is seen glaring at the protagonist but is then not encountered again until the last part of the game. However, several mysterious shrines that can be found throughout the Maw in her honor.

After Six has ventured through the kitchen, she eventually escapes through a trail of meat hooks and is delivered into a higher area - the actual restaurant. There, she encounters the Lady once more. While Six climbs up, she sees the Lady watching from a balcony as a group of glutton customers comes onto her ship to feed. While escaping said customers, Six eventually enters the Lady's private domains. She sees the Lady entering her private elevator but the Lady, in turn, does not see Six. Six follows into the quarters where the Lady is standing in front of a broken mirror, brushing her hair. Six sneaks past her into the Lady's bedroom but breaks a vase, alerting the Lady to her presence. Although the Lady immediately stops humming, she does not enter the living room to search for the sounds origin. Instead, she simply vanishes.

However, she later ambushes Six as Six walks though a dark hall lit with mannequins. The Lady wails and hovers, pursuing Six who manages to squeeze through a gap and temporarily evades the Lady. However, the Lady swiftly finds Six again in the ship's attic. A battle between Six and the Lady ensues which Six wins by reflecting a beam of light with the sole remaining unbroken mirror on the ship. When the light hits the Lady, she winces in pain and dissolves, only to attack again soon after. As the Lady uses the darkness to her advantage, she attempts to attack Six from different sides.

Eventually, the Lady is too weakened from the mirror and falls to the floor in pain. While she lies on the floor twitching, Six is overcome by her hunger once more and slowly approaches her fallen enemy. Six then proceeds to sink her teeth into the Lady's neck, killing her and feasting on her flesh. After the Lady's death, Six is consumed by the dark energy used by the Lady. With the Lady's powers, Six proceeds to slaughter all of the Lady's customers on her way out of the ship.

Powers and Abilities

The Lady is arguably the most powerful enemy that Six faced in the game. Aside the fact that she held authority over the twisted staff of The Maw, she possesses dark magic that allowed her to envelope the area around her within darkness or at least limiting a room's brightness. In the fight against Six, she deprived the area from the light, save for small area to corner her. Other feats that the Lady can do is conjuring tangible shadowy tendrils to interact and manipulate objects from a distance, telekinetically shattering light sources, levitation, and teleportation.

However, the Lady had an Achilles' heel where she cannot see her whole reflection for too long. When seeing her reflection on a reflective surface, her dark magic will cause her reflection to emit a white light that burns her before releasing a bright shockwave that knocks her to her knees. Repeated exposure from said white light will weaken her, and allow Six to use this to great effect by knocking her down with a mirror several times. However, it appeared that this only applies if she is exposed through a completely intact reflective surface like the non-broken mirror Six used against her. When she retreats to her quarters to don on make up, she uses an already shattered mirror that rendered her reflection harmless.



  • If the Lady gets close enough while pursuing Six, she will leviate her into the air and then rip her apart with her dark magic.
  • It was theorized that the Lady is Six's mother.