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Dont call me boss! I'm a lady!
~ The Lady in Pink

The Lady in Pink is the main antagonist of the television special International Super Spy, based on the continuing Nickelodeon series The Backyardigans. Pink has a henchman by the name Henchman Tyrone and is the archenemy with Agent Secret, his boss, Miss T, and his undercover contact, Austin. The character is played by Uniqua, one of the main protagonists in the television series.


The Lady in Pink has light pink skin and darker pink spots. She wears a pink dress, a pair of white glasses, a pair of white boots, and a pink hat.

Powers and Abilities

The Lady in Pink is stealthy and quick, though she is not as clever and quick as her nemesis, Agent Secret.


  • The Lady in Pink is reformed at the end of International Super Spy and renamed "Agent Pink".
  • Though the Lady in Pink is evil and antagonistic, the character who plays her, Uniqua, is kind and caring.