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The Ladybird is an antagonist in the PAW Patrol TV series.


The Ladybird has fair skin, orange hair, magenta eyes, and purple lips. As a civilian, she wears a black jacket, blue top, denim jeans, blue boots with black buckles, black gloves, and a blue choker with a light blue diamond. As a supervillain, she wears a grey and black suit with glowing blue lights.


The Ladybird is a selfish woman obsessed with her appearance. She is a cunning, experienced thief and has an affinity for shiny things, which she uses to look at her own reflection.

She is rather loud and tends to yell. She gets very irritated when someone mangles her name as "Birdlady".

She also shown to somewhat reckless with her super powers as she tends to inadvertently damage things such as Adventure Bay Bridge in "Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins", as well as City Hall's belfry, and cracking its one hundred year old golden bell in "Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Save a Giant Chicken".


When Ladybird first appeared in Adventure Bay, her greed was immediately apparent. She used a bird shaped stick to steal a child's toy, a woman's sunglasses, and Tuck and Ella's pup-tags to add to her collection of shiny objects called her Reflection Collection.

Later on, she stole a bracelet containing a shard of the meteor, and gained superpowers, which she now uses to steal items from the Adventure Bay residents. She has a nest to keep her shiny stuff. The nest has lasers to prevent people from getting her stuff back.


  • The Ladybird is the second female and first human female antagonist to appear in Paw Patrol.
  • The Ladybird is the fourth female character to gain super powers after Everest, Skye, and Cat Skye (as Ella joined the Mighty Pups along with Tuck to stop her).


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