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The Learnerer is a villain that appears in the educational children’s series WordGirl.

He was voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic, who also voiced Dr. Screwball Jones in Wander Over Yonder and Darkseid in Teen Titans Go!. .


The Learnerer is a villain who wears a yellow and red suit that holds many technological surprises, such as a shield, and a slippery suit, as well as red goggles that conceal his eyes and give him a computer-like view of everything around him.

He appears to be quite agile, as he can run fast enough to even avoid his enemies from tackling him, and to run very long distances. He can also jump high enough to land on the roof of a building, and climb fast and high enough to avoid any eye from getting a glimpse of him. Basically, he’s the ninja of WordGirl.

His biggest superpower is that by taking one glimpse of something, such as a security system, he immediately learns it without even having to take a note. He also immediately learns something after studying something, like a book or TV footage, just one time.

He also has a habit of adding an extra suffix to whatever word requires a suffix, especially making the word "learner" into "learnerer" since that's his supervillain name and that's what he wants to be called, even though he often doesn't know what a suffix is.

Despite his capabilities, his only downside is that his moves are only to make defenses against whatever offense his enemies make, and not to make his own offenses on his enemies. He will also be defeated by something if he doesn't think it's worth worrying about or if something he never knew about before is used on him.


  • He is quite likely the toughest villain WordGirl has ever faced, because every move she makes to oppose him he immediately anticipates and counteracts.
  • He has appeared in only three episodes of the series.


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